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  1. love the little extras you did nova...might do that for mine...i got four of them thinking of getting a few more for my collection...one thing i would like to do is make one of them look like the select bus! I agree...daron world and real toy really all they did was copy this model from siku toys artic bus...only diffrence is this one is bigger and longer...also the quality is diffrent, this one is plastic, the siku version is metal....if they really wanted to do an artic they should of just done either the nova since its the newest artic in the fleet or even the current fleet would work...but i notice this particular toy brand does alot of copies.
  2. Just got the New MTA artic bus! It is simmilar to the siku artic bus...but it is bigger and longer, all doors open and its all plastic Enjoy!
  3. I found this site from some europeans buses and this particular bus looks like the new Nova LFS http://www.modell-ovp.de/en/daf-berkhof-sb-250-hemes-stadtbus-2420.html?osCsid=gc5490u8of4nt2j828k2nb6l29pfectl
  4. I found this site from some europeans buses and this particular bus looks like the new Nova LFS http://www.modell-ovp.de/en/daf-berkhof-sb-250-hemes-stadtbus-2420.html?osCsid=gc5490u8of4nt2j828k2nb6l29pfectl
  5. i have two of them and yes it bends slightly! its an awesome bus for any collector....and if you look hard online you can find alternate paint schemes (one i found was in white paint and was perfect to redo in the MTA paint scheme)
  6. i am not planning on selling the volvo as i planned on fixing the bus up (it was missing peices and i am in the process of seeing how i can change the front and back and cover the missing middle door) i am in the process of creating an arttic orion and will post the tutorial once i get the right accordien for it....so far it has been a funn project.....

  7. i have a few blank =buses but here are my buses that are completed GMC fishbowl 3 of them (lions city, command and a custom painted NYC Transit) RTS 6 Orion V Orion CNG Low Floor Bus (MTA paint Scheme) 2 Artic Metro Liner (1 MTA scheme) Two LA metro Low floor buses (one rapid one local) 4 man (look like mercedes buses) 2 artic to regular 2 school buses
  8. wasn't planning to sell it but i found it off ebay at a good price.....i am working on how to build and artic with my hobbie shop as i am really working hard on a new way for the bellows....the first four trys where test in what to use for bellows and for bending....if i come out with a satisfactory bus i will decide if i want to make them and sell them....wasn't thinking about selling them but already a few people have asked....also look for siku toys they have a great artic bus i have two from them already

  9. awesome shot i have yet to ride one of them so sad!
  10. awesome! what are you using to print out your decals?
  11. u have two of the train i want! dude! i always love it when you post up your set....on day i will have a great set like yours! one day! the twiztedmonkey has spoken! lol
  12. kool i needed to pick my up a fishbowl to repaint....i was going to go to my hobbie shop in white plains this weekend but decided to go to buffalo wild wings instead lol......tried to see the new Nova select bus but was not lucky >_<.....trying to get some more blank buses soon so i can start...of i am trying something new for the artics (artic 3.0) i am close to figuering out the bend for the bus (and so close i might put instuctions for everyone)
  13. not that i know of i stopped going there for my models...i might drop by to see if there any g scale stuff there for my artic bus that i am working hard to get the bellos done on but i dread going there
  14. it really sucks that there are only 3 in exsitence in ny
  15. more work on one of my artics i basically replaced the material i used originally for the accordien for the bus.....i used some kinda of poster board with for this....this allows as you can see in the secound shot a bend....the back didn;t attach right so i have to work on that part as well as recreating the folds.....but other then that i think i am on the right track to getting this artic done
  16. you might need to find one one ebay i found this one in my local hobbie shop in whiteplains ny....it was the only one he had on the shelf
  17. last i saw close to 100 beans.....i almost brought one from him then i found places that had it for cheaper online

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