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  1. What the? No surprise there. what station was this?
  2. OMFG LMFAO! I swear what happened to the word "class" or "society"? I guess they dont exist in this video.
  3. I like it, but what the hell? 6 services on Bway? you surely screwed the line completely and the Brooklyn portion is just terrible IMO, the have to be together, not far away and why does the <B> have to go to Coney island instead of the ? I would switch that up and the lower Manhattan portion is just a plain mess, especially Whitehall street. ALSO how is the gonna terminate at 57 street when the <B> trains go to 2nd avenue using that tunnel? thats all I had to say.
  4. Yes. I dont mind the Lexington avenue line when the trains run local, I just dont like the delays, and yes its faster then waiting like over 5 minutes for a train, its worse on the weekends, IMO.
  5. what I like to do is just stand around, wait for the train, stare at the tracks, and when I hear sounds, I get my camera out ;D
  6. Wow, to me they look odd on the , but hey those are nice catches there. cant wait till they go in service in the future. ;]
  7. - Queens Plaza and QueensBoro Plaza to me since they are like RIGHT there, they should be connected. - Bowling Green and South Ferry-Whitehall street they are right there by a few feet, hence forth, they should be connected. - Broadway and either Hewes street or Lorimer street - Junius street and Livonia avenue (the obvious one) - 34 street Penn station and the . like to me, they are already connected via the Penn station, why not make it a free transfer? but idk hows that gonna work out. I feel like I pointed out the obvious lol.
  8. People arent as patient as before, maybe thats why they stand near the edge. I used to do it, but now I know now to do it after what happened to the chef that got slammed by the train a few months ago. basically people are just stupid & arent thinking of the consequences that lie behind just doing that.
  9. so basically a portion just opened up today? cuz I know the whole thing would not be in use so quick lol.
  10. Hmm so that was the 'investigation' at Intervale avenue I was hearing all afternoon. I first heard about this at 96th street. but the most random thing I saw was a R142 train parked on the 103 street 'express' track. Hmm I feel sorry for him. he was probably going crazy inside & decided that suicide was the only option. poor man.
  11. Nice Map! I think the amount of lines in Manhattan are ridiculous though, but hey people now & days are too lazy! the amount of lines in Queens & Brooklyn are alright due to the fact that they are too large.
  12. 81 street; Central Park west-104 street; T. to the ( 175 street; 81 street; even though I have never been through that line, I feel between 77 street & 86 street is too long. well that's enough for NYC. extra ones would be ridiculous.
  13. - No trains between Forest Hills-71 Avenue & Jamaica Center. rerouted via the line to 179 street via Express. shuttle bus Available at these stops: - Van Wyck BLVD - Van Wyck - Sutphin BLVD - Jamaica Center-Parsons-Archer - Due to major trackwork, ALL and trains are running Express between 57 street & Canal Street. - Some trains terminate at Whitehall street. transfer at Whitehall street for a Brooklyn bound trains to continue your trip. - trains run in 2 sections; -Between 241 street & 149 street -between 149 street & flatbush avenue * transfer at 149 street to continue your trip * trains will NOT run to Dyre avenue during this time. - No trains between 149 street & Dyre avenue * trains will terminate in the 149 street platforms. Shuttle bus will replace trains between these stops: - Dyre avenue - Baychester avenue - gun hill road - pelham parkway - Morris park - 180 street (transfer to the to continue your trip) well that's enough for me.
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