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  1. The bus is being kept for 90 (now im hearing 60) days as a test, and since we're getting over 40 buses like that they wanna pinpoint any flaws so they can b corrected before we take delivery of the 43 buses. We aren't keeping that one...ours will b sbs wrapped
  2. extremely immature post. U must be young.... Anyway u knew where the pictures came from because i posted them on Facebook from my account which has my name! Come on now.....acting all brand new.....u know the drill. FYI Samsung Galaxy S6 Hes been a member since 2012. He should be familiar with the rules ESPECIALLY wen he checked the terms and conditions box wen he made the acct on here like i did way back wen I made this acct
  3. U obviously took my pictures from my Facebook post, where I explained why it is like that.
  4. Is there a reason my pics were used without my permission or at the least a credit for using my pics? Smh
  5. Atu is smaller. More focus on JUST bus operators and bus maintenance. Twu covers ALL of mta hourly employees. Bus operators train operators conductors signal workers even the TPPA's. And I'm not saying nothing negative but twu can lose track of any 1 position because they have so many to look out for meanwhile atu is solely looking out for bus operators and bus maintainers. I'm now part of 1056 myself. (Former twu member)
  6. If something is sealed....u don't have to mention it Read the fine print of the application
  7. Brooklyn's only MTA Bus depot is Spring Creek Also yes MTA doesn't care about the class to reduce points That's only for insurance purposes to reduce your premium. Good luck to all of you.
  8. Ok got u. Is it that bad? Cuz I hear more than one person go from mta bus to either MaBSTOA or TA
  9. Can operators move around within MTA Bus Depots like TA with the general pick?
  10. Or the operator simply doesn't care because enforcing the fare is out of his/her pay grade. That's how I look at it
  11. What numbers are they up too? Sent from my SPH-L720T using Tapatalk
  12. I kno. I was a motorcoach driver for 3 yrs. I've stopped at many weigh stations and saw so many different trucks. Sent from my SPH-L720T using Tapatalk
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