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  1. My problem with the is that they always cry broke, have several set of books, cuts services, and raise fares. This is a continued preactice of the . People are pretty much sick of it. Look at the new trains they are distgusting. The suits don't ride so they don't care about the impact of their decisions. What happens when the have service disruptions?
  2. Train from WTC to Midtown 34 Street. Short ride but stillrode anyways
  3. Good for that that lady! So called Thugs want to prey on innocent hard working people they deserve what they get. NYPD and the DA better not charge her for a crime. It was self defense. This story is out of the Warriors Movie. (NYCT) :tup:
  4. I am so tired of the ! It is beyond belief that they are constantly misbudgeting and not taking into account their finances. Why don't they get some of that Federal money to improve transportation. If some of you members watched New 4 tonight, they would have seen right after the vote they had a Xmas party. I wont blame people for jumping the turnstiles. THIS CITY, THIS STATE CAN NOT CONTINUE TO PUT PRESSURE ON THE BACKBONE OF WORKING AND MIDDLE CLASS CITIZENS! THIS IS SAD BUT FACE FACTS PEOPLE ARE NOT COMMITTED TO ANYTHING ANYMORE! People will complain and post and go to the hearing but the people of the will do what they want and that's that. To hell with the ! bunch of liars incompetent morons!
  5. The MTA continues to squander our money. The new NG buses should have been thoroughly tested before being placed into service. I read this story too and started cracking up. But it's not funny when affects our pockets and service. The RTS buses are reliable stick with those and leave the low-floor NG buses for the suburbs. I really wish they would get rid of the two piece buses. The roads are too small for those things.
  6. This is nonsense! The MTA continues to cry they are broke! The agency was caught cooking the books, having two sets of books, yet nothing happended, we still paid more. I am tired of the mismanagement at the top and middle tier. People in this region depend on the trains and buses and for them to even think of making service cuts at $2.25 is absurd! What are we paying for?! We have all these new trains and buses yet they are filthy already and service remains stagent! Paterson had the former Chairman resign and for what? They still don't know what the hell they are doing! Same game new players! Even with ridership up, the MTA is still broke. Everyone in the Tri-state is being taken for a ride. Since Bloomberg bought his way into office again, why doesn't he plug the deficit at the MTA with his money or give them a loan? We as riders need to come together and rally against their proposed cuts, and impending fair hike yet again which is coming! It not fair to any of us in the area. The MTA is one of the most mismanaged agencies. If it was a corporation they would be bankrupt! Some of those big wigs on Madison Ave and Borough Hall Jay Street Brooklyn need to take a pay cut. Start with that not our services! :mad::tdown:
  7. Time to say farewell to another by gone era. The NYCTA trains will be standardized and have no character. I like the NTT but they are all the same. Before standing on a platform on any line you could expect something different. These days it's all the same. RIP R42s!(©
  8. New to the site, Just like other memebers my hobbies include trains. Since I was small growing up in Brooklyn. I used to run model trains, I now run rail siimulations on PC and PS3. I joined because not a lot of people share the same interests when it comes to trains and transportation. this site is a good place to share information and talk about things we enjoy.
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