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  1. great to see the(Q) in astoria! but, why is there a 30-40 car r160 on the express tracks? Is it real?
  2. Its great to see the r68s in astoria again. Brings back memories
  3. Today, on my commute home on the (J)at aroung 4.45, i saw a manhattan bound r42 train at Marcy. When i got off at Myrtle Ave, I saw another r42 going to mahattan. Since when did the go to Manhattan during the PM Rush?
  4. The bus was driving down the center. There was no room to pass. When the bus was in the middle of the turn, the schoolbus tried to pass on the inside and crashed. If the schoolbus didnt crash and passed sucessfully, it would of just have gotten boxed in between the construction and the bus.
  5. the backdoor is messed up and it looks repairable. Hopefully, they wont have to scrap it
  6. Today, I was heading home from my highschool on the Q39 towards my hometown of Ridgewood. The rts 9335 from LGA went thru LIC and Sunnyside. There is a stretch on the Q39 where it runs under the BQE. The bus went and started to make a right turn onto 58st in maspeth. There was some construction on the corner so the bus came out farther on the turn. Out of nowhere something hits the back of the bus by the backdoor, right across from where I am sitting. The bus was packed and a few people fell. I got up to see what happened and the backdoor of the bus is bashed in and the windows are cracked. I went by the door and see that a short school bus crashed into the RTS. Thank God there was no kids on the schoolbus! I ask my friend who had a better view of the accident and he said that the stupid schoolbus driver tried to pass our bus on the inside while we were making a right turn. Our bus was more damaged than the school bus but everybody was pretty shaken. Everyone was alright and the next bus came and started picking up passengers. My dad came and picked me up and a few of my friends. It was not a huge accident. The impact fely like how buses slam on the brakes so it wasnt a big deal. I wish i had pics but i dont carry camera around with me all the time. Everyone was fine on the bus. I just hope that doesnt happen again
  7. 75 footer cant run on the lines so they would have to use some r160s aswell as some r32s and base it out of ENY.
  8. eliminate the and make the run along the in orange. They should make it this way because noone will be sad if the dies but i know alot of people that have an attachemt to the . Dont let the die. :cry:
  9. I would bring back the IRT REdbirds. I woud also bring back the R30 in redbird paint and make them run on the . AND most of all I would LOVE to bring back the r110b because they ROCK and were a great combo of the old and new PLUS they had a super slick seating arrangment and make them run primarily on the
  10. why would the r32's be banned from the anyways?
  11. The sometimes runs express from ditmars to Queensboro on my way home from school. But usually stays on the local track and they shutoff the FIND. The best part is the the conductor announce that it will only stop at Astoria Blvd and Q'boro AFTER they shut the doors and start moving. Its fun to see all my friends freak out and watch the train skip their stop. That makes my day. lol
  12. Hell, I ve seen one of the express coaches in Port Jervis in Upstate New York on Columbus Day. It was dispaying a QM24.
  13. this past weekend the shuttle was 8 cars. I know this because i see the outside my window along with the Fresh Pond Yard and i always count the cars when it passes by
  14. Does anyone know why the shuttle was running 8 car instead of its usual 4 car set? I can see the Fresh pond Yard out my window and there was only 1 r160 instead of 4 or 5 sets.
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