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  1. Caught boith blue and white R160s on the (N) today.


    Nice! I'm still looking forward for a time to put some 68s on the (N) !


    Well the R is turning at 57/7 so turning the Q there would cause more congestion. And with the QBL mess it would make sense to send the Q to Astoria to help the N and 7


    Well that is true. If that's the case, extra trains should be provided to increase service reliability. 

  2. My man, got the SB BMT (D) GO and the (N) GO in one thread! +1.


    The (N) via the (D) was not a G.O. though. I caught it this morning on my way to school at 8:08am unexpectedly, and it was the only S/B train that ran along the West End on that morning. 


    Thank you anyway!!

  3. Yeah thanks guys!


    Yes it's E1 40. my mistake!


    I could not take a pic, because my phone does not have zoom, and i can only take it from the operator's window! It could be hard to see it too!


    I may be an idiot for asking this question, so does it identify how far you are from the signal, and tell me the whole purpose of it? Thank you! :)

  4. - The (A) skips a local stop, stops at an express stop, stops at an express stop, skips a local stop, stops at an express stop, stops at an express stop, skips a local stop, stops at an express stop, and stops at an express stop. Do you see a pattern there? 


    To avoid confusion, leave it the way it is right now... The (A) fully local late-night is not going to be a problem!

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