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  1. Actually, there are many agencies within NYC that do not carry firearms yet are considered "police" and have peace officer status. They are authorized to use deadly physical force but do not carry firearms. Some of these agencies are DHS police, Department of Juvenile Justice Police, NYC Hospital Police, some Park Rangers, HRA Police, DCAS Police, TLC Inspectors, ACS Police, Library Police, and I believe Firefighters have unarmed peace officer status.
  2. This guy is panning out to be a serial killer.
  3. Considering that the article states "Every day, more than 1.1 million vehicles pass through the city's tollbooths. This Memorial Day weekend, the Port Authority expects 3.4 million travelers. The MTA got nearly 1 million on Friday alone." a couple of dozen complaints isn't too bad. You can't make everyone happy.
  4. Media is saying there was gas cans in the back seat. Apparently, the owner of the vehicle was a landscaper and was driving around with the gas in the back seat.
  5. The cameras don't stop crime. They just make people feel better.
  6. The city has a program called Lifenet that is funded by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. http://www.nyc.gov/html/doh/html/cis/cis_lifenet.shtml

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