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  1. Yeah, but they would not be replacing them in one fell swoop, so to speak. The progression they are using is irrelevant. Although the signs are rated for 10 years, is it possible we can get more out of them and put the money elsewhere? You know how humans are, next someone will want to replace the all CAPS on buildings and offices so nobody goes to the wrong job!
  2. Not when you ignore the correct usage, the help someone gave you. You constantly fail to capitalize "I". Stop banging on people. You sound like the classic racist that says, speak the language or don't come over here. How about a hand-up and not a finger in the eye?
  3. Got a 93.75 - List # 1703. Not too bad for a guy 22 years out of the city and 11 years out of the state! Congrats to all.
  4. My last ride/drive was a Gillig Phantom, Route 8, pull-in 6:59 pm.
  5. Great pics - boy, I sure do miss the City!
  6. Yeah, I agree. I'm at top pay with some things to pay for! However, there will be those who will protest the wrong way and get pinched. Also, mgmt say that third party notifications will be treated as a direct observation by a supervisor. Yes, they have created a culture of tattlers!
  7. Yes, open and waiting for disaster! The new station, Target Field, Northstar Line, I-394 entrance, a heavily used bus terminal (5th Street Garage) and a municipal parking garage all share the same intersection! The traffic light can be 3 minutes long during peak hours. Folks here get antsy with the right turn on red. Also, that intersection is used as a pull-in route to our largest and busiest garage (depot). Not to mention that Target Field sits between the Target Center (Timberwolves), a trash burning facility, a bus garage and a homeless shelter. :eek:
  8. I'm looking forward to joining the ranks of NYC Train Operators. At my job, light rail and bus operators wear the same uni. The uniform is shameful compared to NYC. I think you folks have classy unis. our looks so ...made up!
  9. The ride very smoothly and quiet(ly). But for six million American, you think they would have digital speedometers. Or at least be completly built when delivered! Bombardier spent almost 3 years camped out at the O&M (ops & maint) "modifying" them. 27 of them!!
  10. I've exclusively used Norton since, well, forever! Internet Security and Systemworks are a great combination. I have NEVER had problems with registry conflicts, self-installing programs or the wild virus/worms of late. Works for me, and for the dough I spend/spent on computing and related stuff, it's worth it.
  11. Metro Transit just instituted a new Electronic Device policy. Bus and Light Rail operators are prohibited from having devices on them, while behind the wheel. The device must be turned off and stowed in a work bag or a coat that is not on. The device cannot be on silent or vibrate. Penalty - 1st offense, 20 day suspension (unpaid, of course), 2nd offense, termination.
  12. Thanx, Glen. The wraps generate sweet revenue for Metro Transit, and the clients get pretty creative.
  13. Take it from me, Homesickness is no joke. I miss so many things... Corner stores, sights and sounds, smells - not bad smells, just city smells! The air rushing from the subway tunnels Two stops from destination and train is out of service! I'd walk, but there is usually a bridge involved! :cry:
  14. I miss riding the trains in NYC, falling asleep and missing my stop! So I cross over to go back and fall asleep again! Ah, the high school days. I miss riding in the front car, seeing the lights, other trains and sometimes tunnel art. For me, the train provides less of an outside distraction for when I want to get in my own head - just me, my thoughts and the sounds of the subway.
  15. I Just got here and I'm finding my way around (obviously not fast enuf!), but I started a new thread with some Minnesota Light Rail photos to complement your post. Any tips would be appreciated. I've been stuck in St. Paul for 10.5 years and transit is the name of the game. Looks like you got around quite a bit. Nice pics

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