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  1. Just my favorite train at my favorite station. A year ago, that kept my sanity when I was missing the city while in the depths of hell.

  2. Thank you! Just got back from job hunting in Florida. It was a nightmare. Glad to be back in the city. Wow, there's been a lot of changes here since I left in mid-February! The M goes to Forest Hills?? Amazing.

  3. Thank you, it's my pleasure. I always liked this flavor of the R-33/36. I was more than a little upset when they painted them red and black in the 80s. These and the R-27's with their unusual pink seats were my favorites. I got to admit I really like the 160s, especially on the "N".

  4. The EE was way cooler than the W. The W is too short a line and the R is now way too long.

  5. Hoping to join the West End Express group. It's always been my favorite line even now that they switched to the "D" train.

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