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  1. Are there any routes in mind when you bring this up?
  2. The Bx12 +SBS I took on Friday Afternoon was weird in that it was empty at Fordham Plaza (probably because it ran light there) but packed heading into Co-op City. This was just after 6 pm. I can't wait to see how the Bronx bus redesign addresses this but this route gets inundated with passengers along the entire length of it which still to this day boggles my mind.
  3. As the MTA is working on their ambitious project of redesigning the Bronx bus network they have gathered all of their data and have presented us with a detailed 'Existing Conditions Report' on the current state of the bus system which is linked below. The interesting feature of this is that it goes into overwhelming detail with information that is normally not available to riders without a freedom of information request. However, you have to read into the report to see if any possible changes are being suggested by the data and the information overload makes it really difficult to cue into what agenda they may have so read away and try to see if there's anything missing. https://new.mta.info/sites/default/files/2019-02/Bronx Bus Network Redesign Existing_FINAL.pdf
  4. I don't know what version of the screens are on the 55xx buses GunHill Depot is getting but the "Please Exit Through the Rear Door" announcement is done by the same voice that announces the stops. Also, I didn't know there was a Bx12 Plus route in the bus system.
  5. When is the next new fleet of express buses coming in?
  6. I don't know what's up with the Bx12 lately but I'm a lot less than impressed. Nearly every PM Rush there's parading (the term I'm coining for bunches that exceed 3 buses) and wide ass gaps otherwise and today I go to Pelham Bay to see a sardine can SBS bus sitting at the Eastbound stop with two more SRO (or close to it) buses right behind. This is in addition to an SRO local bus pulling in to terminate (since when does the local carry this well to be terminating SRO) and two more locals close behind.
  7. As someone with a very low list number (meaning near the top of the list) I would like to know if I have to apply to online postings under the exam title to move forward with this or if I just wait to figure out the next step. P.S. I am in the top 10 of the list.
  8. I went to the Co-op City town hall and have a few comments. - A decent contingent of folks want the pre-2010 service pattern of the Bx26 and Bx28 running through all 5 sections of Co-op City. - The meeting was interactive so folks sat with planners in groups and discussed their current commutes, problems with the system and what side of different network trade offs (ridership vs coverage, direct vs indirect routes, more vs fewer stops) they fell on. - There was a request at my table to have either the BxM7 or BxM10 run trips to Lower Manhattan (a la BxM18 for the NE Bronx) - There was very little comment about the performance of the Bx12 +Select and what needs to be done there. - One lady who lives in Eastchester says she uses the Bx30 to reach the BxM10 every morning and says she would like the BxM10 to makes stops along Boston Road from the depot to Eastchester Road so she can avoid her transfer. - A lot of complaints about the current system related to things that can be resolved without redesigning the routes. There were complaints about the interiors of the buses lacking appropriate standing room and the lack of accurate real time information presented to riders at stops. Those two things among others can be done while keeping the map in tact. - Commuters don't seem to understand that there are network trade-offs that have to be worked out or have the selfish attitude that they should be ignored to preserve THEIR particular commute pattern. Folks I discussed things with wanted a network focused more on frequency than coverage but wanted more stops (so folks don't have to walk out of their section's loop to reach a bus) and also wanted as few transfers as possible. The latter two requests would suggest coverage is far more important than frequency and no one would want the pre-2010 service pattern back if coverage wasn't the dominating concern. - I come away thinking that a redesign is a solution in search of a problem. When special requests and current commutes are analyzed the MTA will be left with no choice but to design a network that is almost identical to the one that's there now. In fact one lady at my table said all she wants is for the current routes to be more frequent and reliable.
  9. I hope they are publicizing these meetings through different channels as well. Although this is framed as a redesign, I don't expect any radical changes as far as the Bronx is concerned. The current heavy hitter routes show too much potential (even with the losses in usage) for their physical routing to be altered in any way and the coverage routes are fine as well for the most part. Improvements need to be made to increase trip speed but that needs to be a DOT project improving traffic flow or what I will continue to harp on being necessary are all door boarding and stop consolidation.

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