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  1. Hello everybody i just recieved an email from the HR department of the Long Island Railroad and i got accepted to do testing for the Assitant Conductor position. I am very excited i just don't know what to break the news to my current employer because they ask for a three weeks notice for vacations yet this was that they just let me know? I applied for this position way back in november i think and now i am happy that they gave me an email and yet i live in Miami, Florida. I am curious on how these tests are what happens after the tests if i pass what will happen?
  2. Howdy everybody i want to ask everybody this question do yall know that if i work in a Railroad Musuem i can get easily accepted to the Railroads like Amtrak, BNSF, Union Pacific and such? i am currently 25 years old will be turning 26 soon and that i am trying in all of my abilities to get accepted to the Railroads like Amtrak and such i have a good work background, i am honest i want to accomplish my goals but since most of the Railroads have rejected me alot, CSX, Union Pacific, and Amtrak i had one interview with them and i blew it without knowing. i am currently living in Miami Florida and i have found a Railroad museum that i been thinking of to do to get into this industry but is it true that people who work in a museum gets hired and accepted for an interview? please i need somebody to help me or that somebody can guide me to getting accepted with the Railroads, i want to change my life i am sick and tired of working in Retail and i want something better in my life.
  3. i think to me Light Rail would have been great because it would have intergreated well with the HBLR as well but i am curious on why the Busway for it seems kind of stupid. here in Miami we have a Busway but its not as intergreating or interesting to ride on it compared to a Light Rail or Subway it seems odd. to me Light Rail is the best option not Busway yes there wouldn't be transfers but busways don't work for long, Light Rails last longer.
  4. Amtrak emailed me and now i am scheduled for an interview as a Train attendent its better then nothing and its on my way to being a conductor yay finally and maybe engineer if i can and then soon i can work for High Speed Rail yay finally alot of these things are happening. i am schduled to go on April 17 2012 so wish me luck everybody and thank you Amtrak and thank you everybody.
  5. i do have experience in working with food and handling money, currently i am a cashier in a retail store so i know how to handle money, i don't know about house keeping but i have experience with food i used to work in a resturant before washing dishes and cleaning tables sometimes handling food too i used to cut lettece before. But your right i should get my CDL first if Amtrak will not hire me then that could be my best bet or maybe i could go to a Railroad Academy like Modoc, or NARS and etc???
  6. i am sorry its just i am worried and maybe your right maybe there is no hope for me maybe i am a loser and not a winner i guess i have lost my battle and maybe could lose my goals and future.
  7. i know they perfer to hire somebody from the same region but i can move i can relocate whenever and whereever possible i need to change my life right now i don't have a career i have a job which is a cashier and i am sick of it i need to be in a career i want my goals and dreams to come true. so it means i don't have a future if i don't get hired i don't have a professional career, i cannot travel around the world go on an adventure then what the heck is my life what the heck is my future its a constant thought i am worried about everyday of my life and i am 25 years old. i want to move out of miami i need to move somewhere i don't mind living in the country i want a better life its why i look into railroading since i like trains i figured why not be a conductor and i know its hard work but i can do it i am an american citizen and i as an american i can go the distance and be a great person i know i can i will be a conductor if that doesn't work then i can be a bus operator but i am willing to go for the transportation industry as thats what interests me alot its not just the vechiles its the traveling that i get to experience as well and then i can go see the world, just like a cowboy riding off into the sunset or a bird flying thru the sky i want my goals to come true, also i want to help out my mom as well.
  8. i tried with CSX so far they rejected three applications postions for me being a freight conductor, but i am still going to be trying is anybody working for Norfolk southern, or CSX or any passenger and freight railroad companies can tell me the experience please??? darn what the heck i want to be somebody, does this means i will never be a somebody i will always be a nobody???? i put in a resume i did everything good with the application, also i heard is it true the railroads like to hire ex military people?? also is Metro North or Long Island Railroad hiring conductors????? i don't mind about relocating and starting their school program overthere i want a career not some desk job or cashier job.
  9. Recently one of my applications for amtrak had cancelled posting of the train attendent one but that doesn't mean i will give up. I have three assiantant conductor trainee in three different locations, one in New York City, Two in Washington DC, and Three in Los Angeles even though i live in Miami Florida. i want to be somebody great i am sick of tired of not doing anything or working in a low paying job i feel like i am a loser and i want to be a winner i want to have a career. i am not known now but i will rise up to the top i want to be in the Transportation industry i want to be a part of the High Speed Rail industry and i want to be a Train Conductor. i know its hard to get jobs but i am praying for the best, and i know getting to the rail industry is hard but guess what like all of you said i got to keep trying and thats what i should do i am not giving up i will be somebody great one day i will be able to travel around the world my biggest goal in life, be with women, help my family and among many things, and be completey happy with where i am at.
  10. this is great news i am happy this industry is coming back in full force and i am glad Streetcars and light rail is becoming more and more possible in many cities and towns across the nation. great job brookville keep it up and soon we will have trolleys in many cities across the nation again mixed with muitlple modes of transportation as well. also this brings in more jobs and also helps the environment alot as well keep it up please continue what your doing, lets make the future a great one.
  11. i checked my applications for amtrak and they still say there in process so i am crossing my fingers and hoping it will come true. i will keep on applying i am not giving up hope i want a better future i am getting older by the years i need a career not just a job and its what i am aiming for.
  12. hello everybody i wanted to say something. i think its great that the person is getting his dream come true i appricate he wants to help the community and to make a great business you have to understand the customer needs and suggestions, also i am glad there bringing in more jobs its what the city needs and that way more business can follow and less food stamps transcations i hope. some people have mentioned big box stores i want to know something does that include stores like Berkley and Jensen (BJ's Wholesale club), Costco, and Sam's Club because here in Miami Florida i work in BJ's and i want to hear an honest opinion on them? sorry for diverting the topic a little just interested.
  13. thank you i just wish it happens sooner but i understand what you mean when its my time to have an interview and be accepted then it is my time. i wanted to ask about the CDL you see i took the CDL like a month ago and i failed the test i took it in Florida since i live in Miami but also is there an easy way of doing the CDL and the one i failed was the written one not the Road test one. is the road test easy then the written test or is it harder to understand?
  14. i applied to amtrak about a week ago for two positions one is being an assiantant conductor trainee and the other lead service attendent i believe, they recieved it and said there in the process of reviewing it now here is the problem its been a week. is this normal for it to be a week or not and also here is the catch the assiantant conductor trainee is in New York City, while the lead service attendent is in Miami and i live in Miami but i have always dream of being in the transit agency and i am happy with the thought of being a train conductor although i wish it does become true. also i am getting impatiant because i am 25 years old and i need to change my life i need to get an apartment, i want to travel i love to travel, help my mom, get women, etc i am getting older and not realising it i am not in a major yet. how long does it take to be called by their representive of the office do i have to wait months, years before one how can someone live without work not paying rent, bills, etc???
  15. for me i would say its a great idea, the proposal of the hudson bergan light rail to staten island is a wonderful idea and also i am a very strong support for public transportation and among many things. but i been thinking about also NJ communters coming to staten island and i have thought of PATH coming into Staten island as well since both Staten island railway and PATH are technically railroads per say they both can collerbarte with each other service if the North shore route would be restored even better for PATH, SIR and Hudson bergan light rail to use it. and speaking of HBLR why not bring service on the west side of Staten island as well it can bring towns overthere that doesn't have access to the SIR and also retain their identities. also yes i do support of a subway to Staten Island but it doesn't have to be all tunnel it can be elevated and on its own right of way like the SIR currently has. anyways i am not living in NYC at the moment and is living in Miami Florida

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