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  1. Hey 553, Do you guys have a driver named Charlie Grant at Egg Harbor. He would have started 3 years ago...he's one of the guys who left Peter Pan and went P/T at NJT. I though he was working out of Newark but another driver said he works out of Atlantic City which would be you guys.

    1. 553 Bridgeton

      553 Bridgeton

      Ill find out for ya, we have 400+ drivers. Any idea what he looks like?

    2. BZGuy


      Older(50s)Light skin Jamaican guy. Kinda short.....real nice guy if you talk to him.

  2. Hopefully you're alright.....AC looks likes it's getting slammed!

    1. 553 Bridgeton

      553 Bridgeton

      Im good just no power n ac is a total mess. Under 5 feet of water. Some of the red light poles have water up to the crosswalk signs!

  3. Were you driving 8914 on Thursday? Saw a younger dude fighting his way into the Port...he had that " I'm new" look alot of us have when we are rookies.ok.

  4. I was down in A.C. yesterday. Those 507/508s are crazy packed.

    1. 553 Bridgeton

      553 Bridgeton

      Lol yeah those 2 are a pain in the ass may-sept.

    2. BZGuy


      I had to park out at Hanson's and I didn't feel like staying out there all day so I made my way back to A.C. Folks at Egg Harbor drive the shit outta those RTSs!


  5. I didn't know Surburban had any 10 speeds. I know Community and Suburban had thosr 26xxx series orignally and then I thought they transferred them all to Shortline. You learn something new everyday!


    I have a love/hate relationship with the Js. I love the turning radius and baggage space but hate the mirrors and that wallowy ride. I do my best to stay away from them at Peter Pan. The 'Hools are nice, I drove them at DATTCO....they can be a handful in the wind (the Js are bad in the wind too!) but I liked those buses.


    So now they are doing training in Elizabeth....before everybody was going to Paramus. But that yard in Elizabeth is huge so maybe that's the best place. In anycase the ShortLine guys don't stay long anyway.


    If you ever see a Peter Pan D4505 with the sign saying "RED SOX" that's me!


    See ya out there!


  6. Don't worry we all are nervous in the bus lane. Having oncoming bus traffic moving at 45+mph makes for an interesting morning. Not to mention when traffic comes to a dead stop and you are moving at 30....I've scared myself a couple of times!


    I have my official interview with ShortLine on the 19th. I did talk to one of the dispatchers for a couple minutes when I dropped off my application and he said training should be easy since I've been driving so long. He thinks I'll only be in Paramus for a week or two before coming to Mahwah to do line training. Plus I decided to be nosy last week and rode up to Monticello and back. Those D4500s with the 10 speed semi-automatic transmission are great!


    How Suburban work? The only reason why I wouldn't go there is that I don't really want to do charters. If I could just do the commuters then I wouldn't mind that at all.

  7. Just wondering if you had your "trail by fire" yet? They 495 helix, Lincoln Tunnel and upstairs at the Port can be a bit much for newer drivers.

  8. You guys short MCIs? I'm kinda shocked since it seems like NJT is snatching more and more MCIs from Academy.

  9. I just saw a pic that they had a Nova on the 553 today......you must be bullshit! lol

  10. I figured as much. I did hear something about that but I thought it was state employees not NJT. Guess I gotta look for a cheap place in Jersey!

  11. What kind of equipment are you guys using for training?

  12. Sorry to bother you, but do you know if the guys who are in training with you that are going to Shortline, have their CDLs? 4-6 weeks sounds like a lot of "training" if you already have it. Hopefully everything is going well for you!

  13. 553,

    I haven't heard anything from NJT and I sent in two applications so far. I wonder if it's because I still have my CT drivers license. I might just take a day off and go down to Maplewood myself.

  14. Hey Racindave,


    Basically people have until this weekend to get their payments into the MTA. After that I'm hearing list numbers should be sent out in early January. I've also heard the top half of the list will go fast because of retirements in Dec/Jan. So keep ur fingers crossed that you get a low number....at MTA Bus the numbers are giving out by lottery.


    Hope to see you out there!


  15. Hey, Just wondering how Eastchester is working out for you? Hopefully ur making some extra cash with the MNRR shuttles!

  16. If I've correctly guessed your employer then I hope you are ok! I just heard about the accident on the thruway....bad deal for everybody involved!

  17. 553,


    Dude I hope you didn't leave because of the asshats on here.

  18. Is that the "Freeman" guy everybody says is a douche? I keep hearing that the Meadowlands is suppose to have only 70-80 PTs but they really have 100+, so the PTs are only getting 15-20hrs. Honestly I hope this LOA comes through.....I really want this to happen, the guys from Oradell seem like a good bunch...I think I would be happy there!

  19. Hey if you do come up to NYC to fan let me know! I might be in NJT training soon,the union at PP is working to get me a LOA,so I'll let you know what happens. I made friends with one of the Meadowlands guys,Luis Morales....he works the 124 and has been giving me the Meadowlands pep talk,but Oradell is still my 1st choice.

  20. Sorry it took so long to get back to you, but I ran away from Rockland. I had a 5 minute interview and they where ready to hire me....I didn't even fill out the application yet! Any place hires like that tends to be bad news, so I guess I'll stay at Peter Pan until either I get called for 2301 or NJT .

  21. NJT wanted to hire me but Peter Pan won't give me a LOA, supposedly because we are short drivers. The guy at NJT that interviewed me said they would keep my application for six months and if I was able to get the time off to call him. He said he couldn't guarantee me a Oradell spot later in the year but he would try. Do you know if they will be needing more guys toward the end of the year?

  22. i sent the app in this week....so I'm hoping I hear something soon. the hard part is gonna be getting PP to let me take a leave of absence in the summer. Talking w/Master Khem I've pretty much decided that if I get in that I will try for Oradell and if not then Wayne or Howell. I was talking to a Howell guy and he said it would be less than a year to full time there but the people on the 139 like to complain and that torpedoes some of P/Ts. I'll let you know when I hear back from them


    Thanks Jason

  23. I hope so too...I sent in the app a couple of days ago. I'm trying to talk Peter Pan into giving me a LOA so I can do the training if I get in at NJT

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