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  1. Hey Jason,


    Great to hear from you. I definitely understand about the run not making that much - low on hours and probably half the OT as compared to a regular Providence-based run I can imagine.


    Bill speaks the truth - it's really unfortunate because the way the place was structured, it relied heavily on his presence. I was fortunate to have spent a month with him when I first started back in March, and believe me when I say he was the glue of the whole thing.


    There are issues there now, but like all transportation firms, you will always run into some kind of trouble


    I will definitely take you up on that offer - I might even stop by next week. I am always around the South Wing, as I grew up knowing many of the Academy folks who come through there.


    Btw, next time you see Bill, please say hi to him for me. He was always one of my favorite drivers to talk to because of his knowledge and experience.



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