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  1. I think calling them a bad agency is a bit unfair. While they do have a bunch of issues, the majority of what they deal with is out of their control yet they get blamed. Issues at the Lincoln Tunnel, PABT, the Hudson tunnel and the NE Corridor. And you're the term express bus is a bit different on this side of the river. Just because a line is run with MCIs doesn't mean it's an express line. The 163 to the GSP is a local line that just happens to run MCIs. I've never had any real problems on that line, maybe some lateness here and there but Oradell runs that line pretty reliably.
  2. You guys do realize that at this point the railroad crews have been without a contract for the last 6 years? If fares have to be subsidized off the back of the employees then there are deep structural problems at NJT. The status quo cannot continue....you already have a number of guys bailing for the LIRR and MNRR. It's gonna be hard to recruit and maintain a competent rail workforce with two railroads close buy with superior contracts. And to add had NJT neogiated in good faith they wouldn't be facing giving the crews a 18% increase over 2 years. They gambled and lost....pay the people.
  3. If you think I was rude then you might have too thin a skin for the forums. You may know the system well enough to get around but you don't know the "innards" of the system.....the background of why the system is set up the way it is. At 14 I guess I shouldn't expect you to but if you want people to to take you seriously in here then you need to get some kind of understanding of it. Just because they have the A doesn't mean that its the most convenient way to get out to Far Rock, some people have a preference on the Q35 to the 2/3 and for some that connection is a way of life. Not withstanding the the overnight Q35 is a lifeline for the western end of the Rockaway's. You just can't screw them out of a service that is needed to start one that may or may not have good ridership potential. That is my biggest bone with people......stop advocated screwing over other people's commute to suit you own! And as far as you not living near the subway......you are learning a life lesson young. Pick where you live carefully. This is another one of my pet peeves, people think transit should pop up right at their front door just because. Transit is never gonna 100% cover any area, you want good transit then you live where good transit is. You live on the outskirts of it then you have to eat the disadvatages of that cboice.
  4. You do realize that the Q35 is a MTA Bus route, which means it has a totally different funding source. That's not even ignoring that fact that it's another way for the Far Rockaway residents to get to a subway. Residents who by the way have some of the shittiest commutes in the city. My god, please take some time to learn the system before making some of these asinine statements.
  5. I know Howell had AM trippers on the 116, I didn't think they had any PM trips
  6. They go up and down the line in bunches playing games. The problem with that is the Brooklyn,Staten Island and Jersey guys have to try and cut through their BS. It used to irk me to no end.....if you're gonna play games pull over some where out of the way and let the guys who are tryibg to keep a schedule roll! And that little cute game they pull of swinging out the stand at the last minute when you try to pass is just pure a**hole behaviour.
  7. Manhattanville is one of the depots where the driver group are just plain dicks. I hated having to fight with them on 5th Av in the evening because they don't knkw how to work together with other drivers and the way they drive and pull in and out of the stands creates more congestion. I know they work some miserable routes as far as ttaffic but they don't make it any better.
  8. Honestly, I'm rooting for Cruz but I think him sitting out hurt for the last two years with knee problems is gonna make a impact. I don't think we are gonna see the same "Dominator" that we have in the past. Pettis needs this win if he wants any chance of a rematch against dos Anjos Browne/Mitrione can go either way.My money is more on Browne, he's been known to go in and destroy in the octogon. Mitrione is up there in years and his track record isn't the best. It sucks Dennis "The Menace" had to pull out. I was looking forward to that fight.
  9. Because its usually senior drivers who drive them on the 42 and they usually almost all have weekends off. Plus garage support is better during the week as well.
  10. Given the challenges NJT is currently and will face over the next few years, what should NJT be looking for in a new ED?
  11. Because the signs needed to be changed. And the D4000s aren't heading to the boneyard yet.
  12. Everybody outside of New Jersey Transit seems very pissed. September 8th is gonna be a very interesting day!
  13. Its ridiculous down there. Myself and the 145am driver on the 139 tend to look out for each other and direct our passengers but some of the other guys will stop in alleyway, open the door and if nobody comes over will just take off. Its a hassle that isn't getting much better. Is 21/166 the 130am 166? If so then I had just missed you as I pull into gate 80 after that schedule leaves.
  14. The issun the basement isn't so much NJT but Greyhound leaving buses wherever they please. They know what gates NJT uses during the 1am-5am period and sometimes they choose to ignore it. I had a problem just last Sunday night, the 139 driver and I loaded in the alleyway and blocked everything up. Being an a**hole is the only way things gets fixed
  15. Not for nothing, people need to use common sense. Regardless if you have the right of way or not......the human body will not win against vehicle, be it a car,bus or truck. If you see a vehicle turning JUST STOP! What is losing 15 seconds vs being maimed or your life? Is that "right of way" worth it? And again I put this out there because I grew up as the kid of a bus operator and he taught me something valuable as a 5 year old that I still use to this day......."JUST BECAUSE YOU SEE THE DRIVER, DOESN'T MEAN HE SEES YOU!"
  16. Interesting alert on the NJT website. They are showing the 835p 166 to Cresskill as being 30 mins down due to heavy passenger volume. I've never seen them post and individual schedule like that and I'm kinda shocked they can't find somebody to cover that trip so it can leave the PABT ontime.
  17. 8272 to Ironbound also. 9051 at Howell explains why 7107 was on the 129 this morning.
  18. So....8227 burnt to a crisp last night!
  19. I don't know how much they really want those buses. The only reason Howell is running them as much as they are now is because they have no choice. They are going to be spares once the whole MCI order comes in. At the end of the day the EcoCoach is not a dependable piece of equipment......
  20. Don't be so quick to think that. Here a big thing that people overlook with the intial CNG order........MCI didn't put in a bid! The way that RFP was spec'd meant that MCI would have had to completely redesign the D series, something that they are not going to do for one customer. EPV won by default.......now we are talking about 1000+ diesel crusiers. MCI will bid as long as NJT doesn't go overboard with the spec's again. With that size of a order the cost per bus comes down.....meaning MCI can get very competitive with the bid. And last but not least, you guys wanna know why MCI isn't cheap (at least in NJT's eyes)? The spec's they write........no other property in America is change happy as NJT. Even why the order is being built spec changes keep coming in. Don't believe me.....look at the NABIs and how many changes were made during the course of that order. NJT has been known to be difficult to work with in the industry, so thats why they get charged higher. The artic order is gonna be very telling because NF does not want anything to do with NJT, and Nova may not want to be bothered with another spec happy property after the SEPTA fiasco.
  21. Cait Sith, The rattling that you hear from the tag axle is when the bushings start to go bad. The problem is that because the TA tries to be cheap and stretch out the service schedule on the MCIs. You rarely if ever hear the bushings rattling of NJTs MCIs which to be honest, live much rougher lives. As for the route variations, its more to spead out the passenger loads during rush hours. Take the 166, you'll have a 166T to Leonia, 166X to Bergenfield and a 166X to Dumont all leave within a couple minutes of each other, each taking the passengers to their respective parts of the line. Rt.9 is its own animal due to those Park and Rides and the general ridership on Rt.9 itself. The branches (130,132,136) were always 139 trips they just did it to give those folks a quick way to ID what schedule is coming. Keeping the 139 desgination and adding "T,X,Ps" would not have worked as well. You gotta keep in mind that there are variations of the 130 and 132 within those designations.
  22. Blvd East needs all the help it can get in the morning. Plus you have to remember the majority of the 165 and 166 (and all of the 168) services during the rush hours are Turnpike Expresses.
  23. They have started hitting the road. 7283 was on the 128 this morning!
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