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  1. If it wont result in less trains coming by then absolutely. The old <M> to Chambers was a great way to get to the east side IRT.
  2. I was the person who mention this in the chat and am glad it has become an interesting topic. I was at Atlantic-Pacific waiting for a Bay Ridge bound R train when this 7 pulled in on the express tracks. It was there for a few minutes and then reversed out of the station. Here's the pic I was able to snap: http://www.flickr.com/photos/81833004@N00/7035435159/
  3. Why is Fastrack work needed again so soon after the first round? From what I could see they will be servicing much of the same area of track again.
  4. Additionally, the Q is the only Brighton line that runs overnights and weekends. If the B went to Coney Island, there would be some stops that aren't served from the Brighton line outside of weekday hours.
  5. I know that the express G is not a useful train, in fact I said that. I was simply saying that the G was the only train that could use those tracks without seriously impacting the rest of the 6th and/or 8th ave lines.
  6. As someone who grew up in Park Slope with the 7th Ave. F stop as my local stop, I always wondered about the express tracks and hoped that they would some day be reactivated. Now that I've learned a little about the system, I see that the concept of an express train along the Culver line really doesn't make much sense. At 7th. Ave. you skip three stops and Church Ave. riders get five skipped stops in total. The benefits of increasing two stops' travel times 6-8 minutes do not make up for the increased cost, scheduling issues, etc... Logistically speaking, and express G would work, however, that would be fairly useless.
  7. What is the current plan here. With northbound 4th ave traffic stopped at Atlantic Ave, the DOT has built out the plaza. Is the MTA going to restore the head house here as an entry and/or exit?
  8. The fact that he could promote this knowing that the 10th ave stop wont happen is a disgrace.
  9. Looking at this map, http://images.nycsubway.org/trackmap/detail-chrystie.png it looks like connections to the west-bound tracks from Delancy Street could be constructed. Is this at all possible?
  10. Not Park Slope so much, but the southern end of Cobble Hill for sure. Unfortunately, the work needs to get done.
  11. You are right, it is the southeast. oops. I don't think they are doing and work on the SW corner, are they?
  12. Well, mystery solved; The stair case opened last week and it is a welcome addition to the area.
  13. Does anyone know when the entrance to Times Square on the southwest corner of 42nd st and Broadway is scheduled to reopen?
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