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  1. I’m glad they are finally highlighting when express buses are useful alternatives for travel.
  2. Why aren't the buses trackable? I thought all buses have all codes programmed just in case?
  3. It only had dealer decals ("e-auto lease"), which I relayed to the 911 operator, but they have no way to track that I am sure.
  4. Maybe they hope you will get off the bus and go right into the Chevy dealer to buy a car and never need the Q12 again
  5. What a day of MTA incompetence...first, this morning I get on the QM5 which has 7 other people. As you know, since about 1/3 of the seats in the front are roped off, and all the other seats are fairly close together, there isn't that much room for social distancing. We get to Main Street, and a QM6 pulls up. The B/O's make a deal that the 3 passengers on the QM6 transfer to our bus so that the B/O can get paid to take a nice little nap somewhere. So, now we are up to 11 people, which makes it impossible to keep social distance. It is utterly ridiculous that 2 B/Os are getting paid but all passengers need to squeeze onto one bus and put everyone at higher risk for no reason at all! Then, it gets even better. When I get back to Queens, I get off at Main Street to go into that Key Food on the corner of Union and Main. In the parking lot, there is a woman (who had an MTA vest on her dashboard) literally punching and choking her child, with two other kids screaming for dear life in the back seat. I have never seen something so disturbing in my life. Anyway, I of course pull out my phone to call 911, but then I see an Eagle Team van parked at the corner. I rush over to them, point out what is happening, and the lazy a** says "We aren't PD, you have to call PD." I respond with "are you kidding me?? You have a badge and a uniform, you can at least try to intervene until the real cops get here, you look like a cop and a kid's life may be in real danger." He just ignored me, and instead I had to wait for NYPD to arrive, but by then the mom already left the parking lot; the cops tried to find her, but I highly doubt they did. I know these Eagle Team guys are glorified security guards, but they do have badges and can write tickets, so they have some sort of power. So disappointing to see this.
  6. I see the QM6 overnight stops on Queens Blvd were actually added to Bustime. Shocking.
  7. I'm sure the Destination Codes are right up there with president's nuclear codes in terms of secrecy LOL
  8. Perhaps the beach routes will be the ones where you need to reserve a seat ahead of time or something like that, which the MTA has thrown around as a possible idea, otherwise it will a total disaster as your predict!
  9. Finally, I've had no issue getting the exp bus to stop for me for two consecutive days! Sad that it took so much to get this fixed, but I'll take it.
  10. I'm surprised they are training now. did they have a bunch of trainees crowded in the bus today? I hope they were all wearing masks!
  11. Props to you for escalating my complaints! This morning, the dispatcher was parked at my stop, and when he saw me he introduced himself, apologized for the games the BOs playes, said they yelled at the BOs I complained about, and he was there to make sure the buses stopped to pick me up and the BOs know not to play any more games. One of the BOs that had hassled me last week of course stopped for me and was clearly pissed when he saw the dispatcher talking to me lol The dispatcher explained that he normally was sitting at.Main Steet, and if a bus was empty he didn't make them go into the city, but that led some guys to play these games.
  12. Any pics of that Q46? I'd love to see that next to the QM6 flying down Union Tpke overnight lol!
  13. Your efforts and outreach are appreciated!
  14. Thank you!! I will keep doing all of that!
  15. These games are getting unbearable. just a few mins ago, bus 3135 on the QM6 passes right by me, and a QM31 sees what happens, stops for me, and the BO says "that was bus 3135, call up on his ass, he is always doing this!" Even the BOs are getting sick of this! And I see 3135 goes NIS after main street and goes onto the GCP.
  16. It took a pandemic and subway closure for the MTA to finally advertise (sort of) the express buses...they are sending emails about how they are quick and comfortable to use during the overnight subway shut down. Maybe they hope people will stick with the buses even after the pandemic ends
  17. I happened to be on the phone with a supervisee of mine who needed help troubleshooting some medical equipment so I didn't have enough mental energy to argue with the B/O lol.
  18. Excuse me, I've been commuting almost daily by express bus for over 10 years, and have rarely complained about the service. I have never seen the B/Os play games like they are doing now. Since March 16th, ive been working 15 hour days maintaining critical medical equipment in our hospitals, so PARDON ME if I get upset when I spent nearly $14 per day to get a quiet, comfortable express bus ride but the B/Os play games and don't want to do the work they are getting paid nicely to do. I don't particularly enjoy having to go to work either, but I don't play games at my job.
  19. Exactly. I was the only one on the bus, and he was clearly pissed that he had to go into the city. He also went off-route and took the GCP, and dropped me off on Second Ave, so he clearly wasn't a big rule follower lol.
  20. Today's express bus "adventure": QM5 B/O this morning nearly drives past me, but stops as I continue to flag him down with my arm waving like a drowning sailor. When I get on, B/O gruffly says "you essential?" and makes me show my hospital ID before he would move the bus! Unbelievable. What if I was going into the city to get groceries or medications?? Ridiculous. I am getting sick and tired of having to file complaints every day about this BS.
  21. I'm hoping they are flexible enough to keep adapting the overnight service based on feedback. Maybe they will learn to be more flexible in general from this whole disaster
  22. MTA is probably worried the B/O's will get killed over that, just like they aren't supposed to enforce the fare, just press the farebeater button. This actually makes me wonder why the homeless don't try to get on the express buses more often.
  23. It's amazing how the homeless, who can appear like they are on another planet, can find out about these things. I bet half of the population didn't even know express buses were running overnight. I did see a ton of homeless people this morning on the street. I guess they stayed above ground the whole night. I guess Cuomo and de Blasio's plan to get them all into shelters failed...what a surprise.
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