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  1. Ok that makes sense, I just wanted to make sure it was just one stop in either direction, and that I didn't end up riding the entire bus route just to get back to the station (e.g. the bus ran both ways past my stop.) Thanks!
  2. Sorry if I'm beating a dead horse here, but if I were to take it from Metropolitan Ave up to Union Turnpike station, it's just one stop right? I wouldn't have to go through all those other stops first?
  3. So in the morning, I want to take the Q10 bus _from_ Metropolitan Ave _to_ the Union Turnpike station. In the evening, I want to take the Q10 bus _from_ the Union Turnpike station to Metropolitan Ave. Is this possible? It's confusing because the arrow on the PDF Queens bus map only shows it going South, but not North.
  4. Do you think it'd be faster to take the E train to 14th/8th Ave from Kew Gardens or to take the LIRR then transfer at Penn Station? I've heard that the LIRR from Kew Gardens to Penn station is only 10 minutes, but Google Maps says otherwise.
  5. I live near the Metropolitan Ave limited stop, yeah. I'm wondering though if the bus goes both ways to that stop from the Kew Gardens station?
  6. So is Kew Gardens considered Zone 1? It's hard to tell based on their map, it doesn't say what gray is.
  7. Well on Google Maps, it says it's a 14 minute walk to the subway station, so I'm looking to cut that time down by as much as possible to take my 55 minute commute to something more like 45 minutes or less.
  8. Hi, Is there an unlimited MetroCard that also works for the LIRR? Pretty much my question is, what is the cheapest option for unlimited MetroCard and unlimited LIRR each month? Thanks! Vic
  9. Hi, I'm wondering, can someone help me understand the Q10 bus route in Kew Gardens? I'm wondering if I can take it both to and from the Kew Gardens subway station (E/F) from Metropolitan Ave? I want to be able to take it from my apartment to the E train in the morning, and back to my apartment from the E train at night. Any help is appreciated, thanks. Vic
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