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  1. I got confused. I thought the R44 was but its the R32. needs a major upgrade. Hopefully the new R160s that arrive will phase out the R42s
  2. R42s are the oldest still operating for fares in the Subway system today. Older than R44 with lots of rust on the outside. Ugh.
  3. The Subway running into the Forest Hills LIRR station would be everybody's newest favorite station. haha
  4. Morris Park is still elevated. It goes underground at Pelham Parkway, then in a trench at Gun Hill Rd then elevated at Baychester and Eastchester Dyre.
  5. ^ LOL You could have took the Q66 bus to Main St then Q17, Q25, Q65, Q20 to Queens College. The 66 runs along Northern Blvd and there isint any trees so it would be just the traffic, same for Main St. It was terrible because all the side streets no one drove on since there are fallen trees and the major blvds, expressways and streets are all traffic jammed.
  6. At 75 and Briarwood Van Wyck , the skips them during the rush hours and stops right? Because I always get confused on those. It would say on the sign in platform that the stops there all times...
  7. Lol. His mansion is Upper East Side on the 70s and 80s somewhere.
  8. They also might not want to send to New Lots since there might not be enough trains to operate on the weekend, since is trying save as much of the operating budget as possible, cleverly hiding the from going to New Lots
  9. The hardest hit areas were in Queens. Middle Village and Forest Hills were totally devestated. Forest Hills especially since it is literally a forest area with the trees coming down on the mansionous gated community.
  10. What made you have the run from 71 Continental stratight to 21 Queensbridge super express? Its not like there is possibly a track down there is there?
  11. No service changes tommorow right? Heading to Brighton tommorow night for dinner. Anybody by any chance of restuarant recommendations?
  12. Its like a 1 and 1/2 hour ride local from Jamaica Center to Broad St. Many stops in between Jamiaca Center and Crescent St to Broadway Junction one right after another. On the map, visually seen by the eye thats its the strip with the most stops one after another barely even apart. I would know, I ride pretty much everyday from Jamaica to Manhattan.
  13. Speaking of MetroCard swipes I just learned a lesson the other night that when the turnstile says Please Swipe This Card At the Turnstile Again, it has already took the $2.25 fare but needs another swipe to activate GO. If someone else swipes, you are going to have to pay another fare.
  14. Does that really matter whether or runs to Astoria since both are equal length trains anyways? Getting back a just clogs up Broadway. When the WTC is completed along with the Fulton Street Transit Center and the redevelopment of Lower Manhattan, we could possibly see run with the starting down City Hall and then into Bklyn via Montague tunnel.
  15. Couldnt strongly agree more. The skip stop totally confuses people as it is the only combo to do so currently. Theoretically speaking, it possibly cuts you travel time by barely half because it only stops at half the stops. But an express between Broadway Junction and Marcy I always thought about. I think the reason why skip stop was used instead of this is because there are too many many stops one after another in short distances between Broadway Junction and Jamaica Center for a local and also between Broadway Junction and Marcy is too great a distance for a local train... I think should EXP and local if so since it comes out of Jamaica Center and all the continous local stops there. People heading to Lower Manhattan have a one seat ride and those with shorter commutes just transfer to a local
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