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  1. Sorry for the late reply.

    Yes I have an e-mail: ryannn7950@hotmail.com.

    You may edit paperbuses so long as you keep the original credits on the bus. I request that you do not erase the credits on the bus, as you did with that SBS VII NG. That paperbus looks nice btw, but please remember to leave the credits as is.

  2. Odd. Okay, here's that Roosevelt Island NG: -Ryan
  3. if you have an email pm it to me so i can send you da bus

  4. ok i made a bus from your ng for mta can i post it and do i have permission to edit some of your buses and post them

  5. That's a good start. One word of advice though. As common courtesy, if you decide to edit any paperbuses made by myself or other associates, please leave all original credits on the paperbus. For those that are curious, MTAFan based that paperbus off of a Roosevelt Orion VII NG paperbus that I made a while ago. I don't remember if I posted it here, so here it is: -Ryan
  6. r u ryan from ryans ttc photos

  7. hey man try printing the bus out and making it its awsome

  8. That bus looks great. Did you make it all yourself? -Ryan
  9. Ooo, so you've figured out how to make the signs scroll, and I must say, they look awesome! Thanks for the credit. -Ryan

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