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  1. Suppose the PA system in their car was not working... Suppose they go to mta.info for service changes and track work... I wouldn't be surprised if they owned a, you know, cell phone... Certainly you can get all that info there and know ahead of time. Yeah, some transit workers do have bad attitudes, but I'm pretty sure a lot of that comes from having to deal with jerk passengers that have no idea how the system works. You know, like the ones that leave their house with no cushion time; needing their commute to go absolutely perfect in order to get to work on time... ...No reason to put hands on the conductor.
  2. m7zanr160s

    R179 Discussion Thread

    My guess is: 96th Street - 2nd Ave.
  3. m7zanr160s

    R32 Fleet Swap Discussion Thread

    No need. Coney Island takes the best care of cars. They'll fix em up. Just look at their R160 end windows, as compared to Jamaica's.
  4. m7zanr160s

    Planned Subway Service Changes

    Is that yellow wall for sound proofing, kind of like how some Long Island highways have high wooden walls?
  5. I saw a train heading to Queens at 7 Av/53 St because of this. I had to find a different way to the Bronx.
  6. m7zanr160s

    R179 Discussion Thread

    It's hard for me to believe that 3010-3019 are still have issues when they're the 179's with the most milage; IINM, they were delivered first. My theory is that they're being used to conduct a wide range of test...
  7. I just found out that it's called a swingnose crossing. In watching a few new LIRR RFW videos, I've seen that they're converting to that kind of switch heavily now. I like how they allow for smooth high-speed operation on crossovers.
  8. I've been noticing new switches being installed on the commuter railroads. They are unique in that they're seamless when trains run over them, I'm assuming causing way less wear and tear. I don't know what they're called, but I know the frog point moves too. I wonder if they are considering using these in the subway, too. Or, would that be too many moving points to maintain?
  9. Yeah, I'm with this idea. I wonder if this would work...
  10. m7zanr160s

    Enhanced Station Initiative

    So what I'm getting here is that instead of having new station entrances on the opposite corner of a building an entrance is already on, and another in the middle of a commercial strip, the opposing residents want to compromise by having the entrances further away in more inconvenient places (one that's way more residential at 70th Street); makes no sense to me.
  11. m7zanr160s

    Enhanced Station Initiative

    I'm all for these station enhancements. If I've got to spend time waiting for my train, I at least want to spend it waiting in something that's clean, nice looking, and modern, instead of a station that looks like the MTA forgot existed.
  12. How do we know he wasn't responding to a message on his phone...?
  13. m7zanr160s

    R179 Discussion Thread

    I think the does need to be full length. The reason why the first and last car are always crowded is because of the people that had to run when they learned they were out of range. It's also frustrating to have to do that for a train you were waiting for. It also does get pretty heavy ridership in the morning rush towards Manhattan.


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