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  1. Our trains are so nerfed. They barely reach 45 on the Rockaway Flats. Anything above that has to be grade aided.
  2. Smelly train cars are a minority. We should not eliminate a feature that will increase capacity and efficency because of a smelly car here or there.
  3. I don't understand the narrative of no good came of this. This guy was caught red-handed. It's good that this behavior was exposed, because I'm pretty sure this is not the first time this was done. He didn't just get out the bed and say, I'm going to be a rude person today, he just got caught. Employees with attitudes like that is bad for business. If I'm an employer, I want to know. Plenty of people have perfected phoniness; they know how to act when the boss is around. Real character is when you act right when no one's looking. Who's to say that this incident didn't stop something more serious from happening down the road. Also, maybe another employee that hasn't been caught has learned from that man's mistake, saying, hey, I better get my act together, or that could be me.
  4. I'm saying what's the point of having a limit that our trains can't reach, unless it's grade aided? A 50 sign on a flat makes no sense to me if trains can barely do 44, period. If a train does 50 on the Rockaway Flats it was probably wind aided. 😃
  5. What's the point of these 50 mph signs when our trains can't do any more than 45 on a flat? 😕
  6. So, what happens to it once they're done with it?
  7. So I'm assuming that the 10-car set will start running in service this week, am I right...?
  8. 167 St on the train is now open. Funny thing is, it wasn't when I was going northbound around 7:15 pm, so they just just opened it. Stopped there around 8:50 pm, southbound.
  9. So...don't have open gangway trains because of homeless people... Not cool at all. Not all homeless smell so bad that they stink up an entire car. And if they do, they have to be removed, that's a health hazard.
  10. Passed by 174-175 Streets earlier and I have to say, it's looking nice...! From what I can see most of the tiles look clean and/or new.
  11. I'm all for elevator replacement, but, an entire year!? There must be some serious work going on there.

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