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  1. Enjoy your trip and thanks for the consistant job in moderating :D ttyl lol

  2. lol thank you very much! im glad to be apart of your site!!

  3. Happy Birthday Brighton Local :)

  4. ouch.. i notice their is always arguments over which train is better lol

  5. true true has it always been this bad or just recently?

  6. agreed but i think he needs more help like more mods for every section

  7. definetly i can see that from being on the forum for a short time already

  8. ouch lol its too bad simple small things like that cause a "riot" i thought NYCTF would be a much more "wholesum" place lol

  9. lol wow, he must be someone who starts alot lol i didnt know it was that bad lol

  10. lol im not quite sure i understand haha

  11. oo ok i see its a good forum but it seems it gets out of hand as you said

  12. just a question but why does everyone hate Megabus? also i like the F Train sign on your page

  13. opened a new FOROUM ( nothing against NYCTF ) heres the link if interested check it out

  14. hello Orion VII 4474 hows it going?

  15. hey just letting you know my username changed from MCI Classic to Orion V 9147 :)

  16. Happy Birthday


    -Orion V 9147

  17. hey thanks for adding me as a friend!

  18. Actually i live in Ottawa now i guess i should change that lol but Ottawa is wonderful haha

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