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  1. Hi! How are you? The other day at work, I received a $2 Canadian coin (a Toonie, I think they are called) in payment for an order. The customer thought it was a strange new American quarter. I collect Canadian coins, so I bought it for a quarter (so my drawer wouldn't come up short). First time I have seen this interesting Canadian coin. It has a copper color outer circle and a silver color inner circle with Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse and a bear on the reverse. It's the highest denomination Canadian coin I've ever found at work. I have a couple of $1 Loonies and a couple of the older $1 coins and one or two 50 cent coins (I understand they are as rare as our own half-dollar), but 25 cents had been the highest denomination coin I had found until this $2 coin. A very nice addition.

    Have a wonderful day,


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