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  1. My assumption would be....he got the call
  2. B division. Schoolcar was great, I was fortunate enough to have great TSS, no discredit to any other class. But I had a ball!!!! Remember everything that's taught. And study....that's about it.
  3. I don't recall having to do all that extra stuff for my physical. Sounds hilarious tho. Lol Finally out of school car!!!!! What a mofo relief.
  4. Whats good yall! entering 3rd week of school car....doing fairly well. A lot of learning and some great TSSs.
  5. Entering 3rd week of school car....enjoying myself no complaints. A lot of learning, and some cool ass TSSs. Any questions, please feel free to ask.
  6. Oh he did, thats who it says will be my TSS
  7. What's good ppl, can anyone tell me about TSS Urbanski.
  8. I'm gonna assume it is. I didn't ask nor did I care. Just wanted to get placed.
  9. For those of you that want to drive. The parking lot on the corner is $12 all day if your in by 8am. Your welcome. And thanks.
  10. List #120x Took medical today, passed. In the aug 26 class. In at 7:15 out by 2:30.
  11. Got the call as well for medical, next week Thursday. About time!
  12. Went in yesterday for my second drug test, got there around 7:20 out before 12. Lab was fully staffed, and had it moving, next up is this damn medical. B. Shivers # is 347-643-8218.
  13. So your in school car already but also got a DT letter? 7/10 gotta go down for another DT, hopefully doesnt take long because thats all that has to be done.

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