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  1. I was on the 87 today and noticed the bus was 6293. Are they switching them up?
  2. I was at hoboken terminal yesterday morning and saw the line for the 85 bus to american dream. Long line, as expected. This is only going to get worse.
  3. It true. I rode right pass it yesterday and the front left end was damaged. I asked a driver about it today but she told me that she only just heard of it herself.
  4. Didn't even realize that. I think the ideas are good as far as bus travel, but it can be better. I mean, if there an increase of people trying to get to the mall, will NJT increase service?
  5. I've been telling people in jersey city that it'll be quicker to get the 85. the 2 bus is good but that a long ride.
  6. I know where the 2 goes. Think a little further, it'll be quicker to get the 85 to the mall then the 2 and then transfer for those in Jersey City, people are going to stand at those 5/6 bus stops within jersey city line along the 85 to get there.
  7. I said the same thing for Jersey City/Journal Square. I mean, the 85 extended to the mall is good, but I know it going to be packed to the mall and from the mall. It gets packed when I go to Walmart with the workers and shoppers. Same. I think this is just a test in the water.
  8. Thanks. I should have done that in the first place.
  9. If you look at the updated schedules for 8/31, you'll see the 85, 703, and 772 routes change to go to the mall.
  10. I was by the area the other day and saw 6490, 6492, 6493, and 6494.
  11. Today I saw 6471, 6473, and 6474 for the Bergen Bus. Also, I only saw two RTS running for the Bergen today, and that number going down slowly. So if any of you want to see them before they go, i suggest you do it now.
  12. Saw 6470 for the 440 shopper today at the square
  13. Just saw the 6469 bus in Journal Square for the 440 Shopper.
  14. The three I saw saw didn't have the strip. Just a sign in the front for the bus card. Saw 6463, 6464 and 6465 in the square.
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