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  1. Sometimes NJ Transit makes things more than what they seem. I mean, the #356 is sitting right there. I figure the study is to see how many people would use the service between both sides. Here's an answer: a lot.
  2. Makes sense. I've asked a driver I know for the company if they were going to go back to their regular hours and he said it's probably not happening. Which is a shame because I always saw a good amount of people on the Bergen avenue bus after 8pm (I live on Bergen avenue myself).
  3. I know this question isn't part of this forum but i wanted to know what you guys think of the electric buses? I've never rode on one and have no knowledge of these types of buses.
  4. Question. What would happen to the buses in academy? Would all of them go to Coach USA?
  5. Was on my way to drop my sister to her school and was told I couldn't get any closer because the line isn't working. Then I saw this. https://www.pix11.com/news/local-news/new-jersey/nj-transit-hudson-bergen-light-rail-train-derails-after-being-struck-by-car-in-jersey-city
  6. I agree with that for the 32. I thought the 31 to journal square was a good effort in the start, until I had to get on one day and the traffic was crazy (anyone who travels on the 33, 80, and 87 understand how crazy it gets between Montgomery Street and Sip Avenue. It a reason why I think a bus service from Journal Square to Newport Mall/18th Street would be great. Also, to go to a point you wonder earlier, the 31 do not stop in front of the mall anymore. It stops at wells fargo.
  7. I agree with the 30. The 32, to me, is perfect at where it at. That route doesn't need hours added or taken away. I like the fact that it goes to different parts that see no transportation at all. The 33 to me is one of A&C best route. I take that bus almost everyday (live on Bergen Ave and the 87 always gets crowded by the time it gets to me if I walk over). There's always a lot of people on the bus. I was so glad when the company took over. A few years ago, the 31 was going to Journal Square as a pilot run. It would turn on Bergen from Montgomery, run to the square, then run back on Bergen and turn to Montgomery to continue the route. (side note, if you go to Academy Street bus stop in front of C-Town, you will see the sticker is still there). I remember people complaining about it and it went away after a few months. Which is sad but I think the companies have to think outside the box more. I'm not fully aware of Lakeland and DeCamp, but as for the buses that run in Jersey City, you have some routes that have never change for decades, but the surrounding area has grown. To me, the 31 route is irrelevant on west side ave but beneficial to those on Montgomery.
  8. Service start to fill up once it goes on Montgomery. In the McGinley Square area, there is no direct service to the mall. I remember when the #16 stopped and a worker told me that the reason why it did was because the company said that the light rail was taking customers, which wasn't true. The Society Hill (30) bus to me is just an 80S bus, only difference is it goes to that society hill stop. When I'm in Journal Square, people on the #30 line run to get the 80 or 80S bus. I've seen people run off the bus just to get the 80.
  9. The few times I go on this bus it's usually a lot of people. Most of them get off and go to the Shoprite downtown than the mall. I think eliminating the line entirely would be a disaster, especially for those in McGinley square. I think cutting the hours is best. I agree with DCTransitFilms that it should serve exchange place, but I also think it should go up to 16th/18th street in jersey city, something the #4 and #16 bus use to do years ago.
  10. I get what you mean on the #4 bus but I think it ok the way it is, but could use a few tweaks. I like the #4 bus and was dumbfounded when A&C Bus Corp ended it. The bus was always active and didn't understand why they didn't just cut the hours or add a trip. As for LSP not having a bus service, that is something I'd wonder for over a decade. You have a lot of people now that would use that transportation just to get out the house and spend the day. Even a small shuttle van would be great at this point.
  11. I might have agreed to that a few years ago, but thinking now, I don't think it'll be useful. I mean, you have the #86, #1, and #6 that serves Lafayette Loop. I would maybe increase the #6 to liberty state park since that would be the best route to benefit that area. To me, I would like to see the Red & Tan #11 and the Lafayette & Greenville IBOA #16 return. From Journal Square, there is no direct service to Newport Mall (unless you get the path) and no direct service to Liberty State Park. The #16 was always crowded because most of the people came from Monticello Avenue and McGinley Square. I remember a driver who use to work for the company and he said the route was great, but the company was doing poorly. As for the #11, I just can't believe that no bus route has served the park in years. It would have been a gold mine now (with this illness).
  12. I never though of the #139/#559 combo. That would have to be a trip I make in the near future. I get the #59 being long (i know, I've looked at that schedule a lot as a child) but still want to see it for myself. I don't know if I can agree on the #1. When it comes to a certain part of jersey city, that is one of the only bus running in that area that can connect to the light rail or path. I get the 6 bus but I think that route should be running more and service extended. The addition of the #86 was good but it only go so far. I do agree, however, of making a new route that could take over and stop at Newark Penn Station. I do have a question. Have you ever been on any of the #400 routes.
  13. I been a huge NJT fan ever since I was a kid. I would collect bus schedules and imagine riding the bus forever (i know, i was a weird child). While there are some lines I want to ride, most of my trips have been in the North part of NJ, and trimming the list wasn't easy. Past bus I miss, #43: I only rode this line one time right before it was discontinue. I remember the workers from the post office were very upset it was going away because it was the only direct transportation from the facility. I always thought the line could have continue if it were adjusted. Also, when it use to enter Journal Square, no one would take it to gates ave because it wasn't the 87 (even though it said Gates Ave on it), so it was a breeze to ride home during rush hour. While the ride was great, those moments always stayed in my mind. 5. #159. I always wanted to ride this line because of the bus type (Neoplan AN459) but the ride was unexpected. I remember getting off at the last stop and wanted to walk around until I realized that I had a class that day and jump back on the bus. While I only rode it full ride one time, the scene was great and the first time I saw the fairview garage. 4.#1. This bus was so long to me as a child. I would get excited to ride until we got to Newark (had to go to Irvington). Now when I look back, I forget about all the connections to other lines and the fact that it split into different parts (which I learn the hard way when I had to go over to visit a family member). I do know that people dislike the fact that it goes to Hudson County Correctional Faculty because people would sign in unison when the bus went there (but I didn't mind). To me. it a line that shows the difference between each Urban cities. 3.#770. I only rode this line one time and it was awesome. I'd actually skip a summer program day just to explore this after I rode the #83 (more on that later). I wanted to visit Hackensack Bus Terminal and after getting off the #83, I said whatever bus leaves now is the one I'll get on. Sure enough, the #770 pulled up. The ride was very quiet but looking at a different ride made it exciting. It was also the first time I've been to Paterson and I remember walking around and watching all the bus fly by. I keep saying I'm going to try it again one day but who knows. 2. #111. This is another line I only took one time, but it was recent and it was what I'd imagine it to be. The driver wasn't nice, but it still didn't dampened my spirit. I took it to Jersey Gardens (first time going there) and the ride was great. I think it was too early because I had to wait almost 90 mins for the one to go to union city/ NY but it was nice. 1.#83. This is my favorite. I know this line so well. But I've only rode it fully from first point to end point twice. It takes me to all the areas I need, walmart, target, light rail, the heights, doctor office, union city, etc. I realize now it's my go to route when I need to get somewhere. When you ride it the rest of the way, it is like a change of culture and way of living. Honorable Mentions: #80 and #87: I take this lines all the time and know them like the back of my hand. Both are great but for a quiet ride to watch the scenery, I'd recommend taking them after morning rush hour and before school kids get out. Routes I want to try in the future: #59 (It was one of the first schedules I collected and given to me by my aunt who passed away a few week later when I was young, so always wanted to try that one). #161 (I don't know, I just like the number, already establish I'm weird). #181(Never been to George Washinginton Bus Terminal and this is the route I would use to get there). #559 (I saw this line when I was on a field trip and want to try it). #600( I don't know, but when I went for a field trip, I saw this line and figured it had to be fun).
  14. I was on the 87 today and noticed the bus was 6293. Are they switching them up?
  15. I was at hoboken terminal yesterday morning and saw the line for the 85 bus to american dream. Long line, as expected. This is only going to get worse.
  16. It true. I rode right pass it yesterday and the front left end was damaged. I asked a driver about it today but she told me that she only just heard of it herself.
  17. Didn't even realize that. I think the ideas are good as far as bus travel, but it can be better. I mean, if there an increase of people trying to get to the mall, will NJT increase service?
  18. I've been telling people in jersey city that it'll be quicker to get the 85. the 2 bus is good but that a long ride.
  19. I know where the 2 goes. Think a little further, it'll be quicker to get the 85 to the mall then the 2 and then transfer for those in Jersey City, people are going to stand at those 5/6 bus stops within jersey city line along the 85 to get there.
  20. I said the same thing for Jersey City/Journal Square. I mean, the 85 extended to the mall is good, but I know it going to be packed to the mall and from the mall. It gets packed when I go to Walmart with the workers and shoppers. Same. I think this is just a test in the water.
  21. Thanks. I should have done that in the first place.
  22. If you look at the updated schedules for 8/31, you'll see the 85, 703, and 772 routes change to go to the mall.

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