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  1. Study guides for C/R and T/O are a total waste of money. The tests in these books are outdated. They use tests that were given as a promotion when you actually had to know the job. It's not knowing what is on the tests, it's how you take them. You simply have to pay attention, and go through the test a 2nd or 3rd time to make sure you didn't fill in the wrong bubbles by accident, and knowing what neighborhood Hunter College is in unlike some test takers like messino. Some people like RTOMan would not be Train Operators right now if not for the easy open competitive. Had they had the test the original way when he took it, he would not be a T/O right now. Should they have low enough standards to hire messino, then that should tell you they will hire anyone and only because the current test is so dumbed down. You are a cheapshot to anyone with the misfortune of being related to you. I don't need to bring up anything else, even though I can. Getting that question wrong should have shamed you to completely disappear, but being you and the shame you are to humanity, and a racist, you aren't smart enough to realize how pathetic that was. With your attitude, you won't last very long. Then again, you are a total coward in person, so you won't be opening up your mouth to anyone in person that can break it. And I knew you were stupid enough to respond to me. Total idiots are easy to get a rise out of. I'm trying to get my account banned, so thanks for helping me buffoon. Wow. $45 an hour for giving blow jobs in Chelsea? You must give really good head like Donald Xentor and RTOMan, and like your dirty skank whore mother. Please on behalf of humanity decline the T/O job you nasty piece of shit.
  2. That's better than not being called at all, or being called and then disqualified wasting all that time waiting. Change your perspective man. It will give you some extra years of life at the tail end of it.
  3. That's because a lot less people take the Station Agent test, and the most take the Conductor test. You should be called for all three, but Train Operator will take the longest. Figure on about a 2 to 3 year wait. Better looking to start shit than being shit such and you and messino fu cking piece of shit sealteam shitface. Ban me now Harry you worthless fu cking loser who thinks he is fu cking god trying to control what people say on a fu cking server for pathetic virgins like xentor and donald that would have sex with a train if they could. Fu cking losers. Will no one accused you of taking drugs, but you sure seem to be defensive about that for some reason, but what you said was not a joke and you do deserve to be fired for that. You're trying to back pedal now saying it was a joke. It's common knowledge how to make explosives if you know where to look, but it would be beyond stupid to post how to do it online. Your post is in the same area of stuff you should not post to give someone ideas. You were completely wrong there. Instead of manning up and saying you were wrong, you back pedal and say it was a joke instead of admitting it was a stupid mistake on your part. That's pretty immature. I expect that stupidity from pea brain messino shit face. It wouldn't surprise me at all if there were a bunch of dead animals found in messino's and sealteam shitfaces houses. Sick nasty fu cks. Come on Harry. I dare you. Ban me prick face.
  4. How the hell are you going to get on here to give advice on how to beat a drug test? You deserve to be fired for that Will. I would never knowingly board a train or any vehicle if the operator were a drug user. Certain prescription drugs should also disqualify someone. If you use drugs, too bad. You shouldn't be operating any vehicle where you can kill someone because of your drug use. Some people don't have the ability to think on this site.
  5. They are NOT half way through the list! Stop spreading BS. They aren't even a quarter through the list yet.
  6. Do you actually think before you type?
  7. Why do you continue to post as if you know something? You don't. The 433 is the number that DCAS is up to from the available names on the list that they have sent to Transit. Transit then contacts those names to hire them, but it does not mean they already sent out letters to them, or that Transit has hired them. It means that that group DCAS sent them is what they are going to hire next when they have a new class coming up. If you don't know what you are talking about Donald, Messino, or whoever, don't post your drool filled speculation. It's always wrong, and just lowers the zero credibility you already have. And it's Chief, not Cheif.
  8. Ok. I need to clear some things up here because the misinformation is ridiculous. First, Will stop giving information about RTO when you don't work in RTO. Most of your RTO information is incorrect. You don't know what you are talking about. You are in stations, not RTO. This is the main reason we have had problems in the past. You making up stuff because it sounds good to you, or giving anecdotal information as fact. As for the minimum wage pay, it used to be in the 1990's during training, you got minimum wage pay during training, and then got the starting pay once you were done with the training. That is no longer the case. Subwayguy might be right about the first week, though I do not recall getting minimum wage my first week, but the first week you do very little. Mostly watching films and learning about basic stuff while also filling out your information for your pension, getting your equipment and pass. As for people leaving during school car, that usually only happens if someone is offered a job that they perceive is better than Transit. If you leave during school car, they will not let you come back in during it. I'm not sure if leaving school car kills your list spot as well if you try to come back another time. People who tend to quit early on usually quit once they get in service because sometimes they cannot handle the pressure, or they hate the extra extra schedule, or just something happens. Conductor though has the most movement from other positions. People may go to dedicated announcer, or they take what ever promotions that become available because other than Bus Operators, I would say Conductors have to deal with the most crap. TSS's hiding trying to catch you without your glasses, trying to catch you not pointing to the board, etc. People that fail school car have to be basically brain dead. The TSS's know what they are doing and you keep doing the same thing over and over until you get it. It is not like being in public school, in school car they actually teach you and are usually good guys. It's also not a difficult job to learn if you pay attention. As for the pay rate. You get the opening pay the first year. After that you get a raise every six months until you reach top pay which at the moment is still three years, but I am sure the MTA will eventually try to get top pay to being 5 years. As for the physical. You do not do the drug test and physical the same day. The drug test is done the day you report, and the physical is done when they are going to hire you after they check you out. They usually call you in for the physical about 2 weeks after your drug test. Once everything is all clear for you, you will be called to tell you when and where you report for your first day. The background check is done before school car. You are also fingerprinted before school car to verify your information. As extra extra you are only scheduled for 5 days. You can work a 6th day for overtime, at 1 and a half times your regular pay. Your days off are consecutive, except for Saturday and Sunday. The week starts on Sunday, so your days off are technically Sunday Saturday, but ending the last week and starting the next week makes them consecutive. When you are on a tour (AM, PM or midnights) you stay on that tour until the crew office changes you. They only have to give you 2 days notice that your tour is changing, but while you are on that tour, all of your work days are during that tour. There is no Monday 6 AM, Tuesday 5 PM, Thursday 6AM crap that Corporate slave runner America pulls. You can work any tour if you call the crew office to work on your day off, but while on probation, you have to have a minimum of 10 hours between shifts, so if your 5th day of the work week is done at 10 PM, you cannot work on your day off the next day until at least 8 AM. When you are in the A Division, you only work A Division jobs. You can only move to the B Dvision when you have enough seniority to pick a B Division job and vice versa. You have to be retrained to change divisions because you are dealing with different trains and have to Qualify on a line before you can work it. Qualifying means making one trip on that line. You will be doing that near the end of school car. RTO is Rapid Transit Operations. RDO means Regular Day Off. AVA is a saved holiday. You can save them instead of getting paid for them and use them for days off on later dates. You earn 1 sick day a month, and if you don't abuse them and don't owe Transit sick days, when you retire, you can cash out half of them. If you owe Transit sick days i.e. you took more than half of your sick days, you cannot retire until you earn enough back. You can schedule your vacation, or take your vacation in days like having saved AVA's. The crew office is the one that schedules you. If you ask them to work on a particular line, you usually will not get it. They don't care what you want. While you are working as a conductor, you will have many TSS's observing your operations. Some will hide in the next car to watch you. Some will block the doors to see if you will reopen or smash them. Some will hide behind pillars to watch you. Drew. Thanks for the acknowledgement. Finally. Will. It isn't a solid if you point out to someone that you are doing them a solid. Book mark this post and stop asking the same damn questions over and over. It's freaking annoying and shows how lazy some of you are that you can't do a simple search.
  9. No. However lying about it, then getting caught lying about it will. Be completely honest. Unless you have something like a felony or worse, you should be fine.
  10. It's obvious you are 103, and don't be so paranoid. No one can take your place because you were finger printed when you took the test, and someone would have to have your note with them. As for the classes for conductor, there is a chance you could be in the class at the end of June, but you could also be in the one at the end of July so you might as well do the police because by the time you are ready to start conductor, you should get called up for the NYPD. If you have no intention on doing C/R because you want to be a police officer, then leave the space open so that someone that wants C/R can take it. You going into school car just to leave right away does no one any good.
  11. Are you going to believe what I private message you now Drew?
  12. NYPD is much better pay and much better treatment. I would go for the NYPD if I were in your position. And Transit "screening" is nothing like the NYPD. It is a much lower scale of looking into you.
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