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  1. Love the new forum Layout. I am still missing my R40S avitar from the old forum

  2. The answer is the 70(CC). In 1970s, you could take this train from manhattan to Rockaways. One of the stations was Beach 105th St. Anyone can go next.
  3. I think i will go I Used to go from Manhattan to the beach. I was cut years ago but I am still here. Who am I. Edit: I was also renamed. Hint: Station names Maybe a bad riddle, but this is my first time doing this type of thing.
  4. Due to track maintenance at the 14th Street Station: Select uptown and train service is running express from the 14th Street Station to the 34th Street-Penn Station. Select uptown train service is running on the line from the Nevins Street Station to the 149th Street-Grand Concourse Station. In addition, due to signal problems at the Gunhill Road Station, select uptown train service is running express from the E 180th Street Station to the 219th Street Station. Please expect delays on the uptown and *train service at this time. Planned Work 242 St-bound trains run express from Chambers St to 14 St I saw the 2 latest up as local at 59th Street getting to the .
  5. I want to see some american company out of the blue beat the manufacturing costs of all the foreign companies.
  6. I saw a photo of a R40M coupled to R32s. Now is that a foamers heven?
  7. :cry::cry: They made the longest lasting cars ever made.
  8. I am creating a new fork of openBVE called UBVE.

  9. if you guessed "No" you are correct (Answer is no) HINT: Myrtle Ave
  10. If you pass, ill go. My first one :cool::cool: I made it easy this time!

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