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R32 N Train

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  1. Right There RIDE ON Right There RIDE ON!!! :rock::rock::rock:::rock::rock: ROCK ON!!! :rock::rock::rock::rock::rock::rock:

  2. I just wanted to know if you knew it was me

  3. Hey can you make an R32 N rollsign?

  4. can you do me a favor?

  5. So I got (1) person who gets a kick out of bashing people for their new ideas and (4) others that agree with him. Time for a little chaos :cool:

  6. bveguy just made himself my first victum >=D

  7. Ok Its about high time (N)(T)(L) Made some music videos!

  8. Hi Its real nice to meet you. one question.........WHATS UP WITH THE VIDEO!!! :mad:

  9. :cool:Back 2 Back HEY! Back 2 Back HEY! :lock::lock::lock::lock::lock::lock:

    :lock::lock::lock::lock::lock: DANCE MY PRECIOUS LOCKS DANCE!!! :cool:

  10. I'm watchin you :cool:

  11. Hey I remember you from the transit store in manhattan how you been?

  12. Yo its Knuckles

  13. Not really Im just gonna do my own thing from now on as far as NTL goes

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