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  1. :cool: Ok that map looks hot and S.I. is my home If they get rid of the S40 S46 and S48 that would be stupid cause what if the Railroad is under a massive constuction phase they got no choice but too keep those lines
  2. Right There RIDE ON Right There RIDE ON!!! :rock::rock::rock:::rock::rock: ROCK ON!!! :rock::rock::rock::rock::rock::rock:

  3. I just wanted to know if you knew it was me

  4. Hey can you make an R32 N rollsign?

  5. can you do me a favor?

  6. So I got (1) person who gets a kick out of bashing people for their new ideas and (4) others that agree with him. Time for a little chaos :cool:

  7. bveguy just made himself my first victum >=D

  8. Ok Its about high time (N)(T)(L) Made some music videos!

  9. Hi Its real nice to meet you. one question.........WHATS UP WITH THE VIDEO!!! :mad:

  10. :cool:Back 2 Back HEY! Back 2 Back HEY! :lock::lock::lock::lock::lock::lock:

    :lock::lock::lock::lock::lock: DANCE MY PRECIOUS LOCKS DANCE!!! :cool:

  11. I'm watchin you :cool:

  12. Hey I remember you from the transit store in manhattan how you been?

  13. Yo its Knuckles

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