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  1. "Claspon Point" LOL Clason* Point I'm fine with the current map. For years I've always used bus maps to find points of interests and locating subway stations. I like that the current map shows all the streets.
  2. The first routes in the system to get artics in 1996 were the Bx1/2 and Bx55.
  3. That's cool. I also have it on PS3. Hit me up on PSN sometime. My tag is Bx29Nextel
  4. Anyone here have GTA V for PS4 and wanna drive some bus routes?
  5. Awesome shots! I always like seeing the WASHTN HTS Signage.
  6. Yeah, I got to that mission. I ran the guy over with the bus, lol. Hopefully in the next game, they'll allow you to pick up passengers and maybe even ride as a passenger.
  7. You should get it. GTA V is an awesome game. The buses actually drive on the streets and make stops. They didn't spread out the bus stops evenly tho. I still like driving online in GTA IV if you ever wanted to do that.
  8. Anyone down to drive some buses in GTA V for PS3? I've been working on some routes. My tag is Bx29Nextel. Hit me up!
  9. Awesome pics! I have to make it down there and ride those new Xcelsiors 40 and 60s.
  10. Thank you! Thanks, That is next on my list!
  11. Nice! I always thought artics couldn't make u-turns after they rerouted the Bx41 at 241 St when they added them.
  12. Thanks! It was my first time in Staten Island. I was in Orion heaven. Thanks! After looking at some other threads, I realize that is a popular corner, lol. I love Xcelsior! I think it will be my new favorite bus once the Orion Vs are gone. I hope they order more! Thanks! Normally I'm a Bronx guy but decided to switch it up, haha.
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