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  1. The entrance is currently only accessible from the Manhattan bound platform. The Coney Island side will open when the platform rehab is complete.
  2. Don't know if this got out, but I caught the reopened 7 Av entrance at the 8 Av Brooklyn station during a quick NYC trip. Enjoy!
  3. Hi, If time is not a major concern, it would be better for you to take the train in your first option. The Sutphin Blvd station has an elevator and the World Trade Center station has a PATH Station entrance/exit past the end of the tracks that is wheelchair accessible. If you needed to walk from from World Trade Center to the ferry, the walk is pretty straight forward. Get on Vessey St behind 1 WTC, walk across West St and continue on Vessey to the pier. The Subway and PATH stations have elevators to the street you can use.
  4. My biggest concern about restricting the work to nights and weekends is the nightly mobilization and standown of the work crews. That right there can take up to 20% of the shutdown time. The weekends is where they can realistically expect to get some work done. The weeknights are probably going to be reserved for installing the cable racks and maybe metal walkways. They also have to find a safe but efficient way to take down and restore power six times a week. Meaning take down power quickly to get the workers on the tracks sooner, but not such that something can get overlooked. Then there's the increase to risk of work delays affecting the morning rush. My next concern is about the selective benchwall demolition. Wouldn't the same safety protections needed for the full scale demolition be needed for selective demolition? It might be more work having to set up multiple isolation zones for selective demolition. Again, weekend work. The benefit the total shutdown has over the intermittent stoppages is the ability for the multiple improvement projects to go on concurrently without the need to make provisions to perform work in an active revenue station. Work could get done quicker since there's no need to protect the public. The elevator work comes to mind.
  5. Typically switch heaters are focused at keeping the points from freezing so that they can be thrown if need be. Your post reminded me that it the frog and associated guardrail (as you've pointed out) can fill with ice and snow, which can cause a derailment also. I haven't come across a system that heats their frogs, too (my experience is limited to four systems, though)
  6. NYCT's signal system is designed to set to red if there is a substantial break in the rail, though I'm not sure if it's for both power and signal rails or just the signal rail. For most railroads, any real-time rail integrity monitoring is tied to the integrity of the signal system. Otherwise, visual inspections and ultrasonic testing is the industry practice. The freights have much more derailments than what we hear about. We hear about the big ones that affect residential areas and have large environmental impacts. I remember reading the NTSB's response to a Midwest congressman's letter why they didn't deploy to investigate a derailment in his state. Their reply: we've see this kind before, we don't think it unusual enough to look into.
  7. The issue is not running trains in snow per se, it's dealing with the rapid accumulation of snow and ice. NYC does have switch heaters, but that is only for the rail and doesn't affect accumulation on the ties, and everything outside the switches. Where do you put that snow? Not a lot of room in a turnout area. The typical solution is to runs trains often, but it can become problematic in a blizzard when snow and ice builds up right after a train passes, covering the running and contact rails and gapping trains from power like what happened during the Christmas blizzard a few years back. It's not just NYCT that got affected. Amtrak suspended service more than once during the back to back (to back) storms over the last few weeks. You can try and run trains during a blizzard, but it's safer to hold service if you can't keep up with the accumulation.
  8. via West End at Coney Island mixed R40/42 set in 2008 R-62 signed up as a at Broad Channel for brake testing. (Got a side by side pic next to an on the platform) R110B SB via 6th Ave That's all I remember right now. I've got a couple decades to muddle through
  9. In some ways, yes, some ways, no. According to the service advisory, the track between the last two stations is shutdown for eight hours each of two nights, affecting three trains each night. The track is not out of service until Sunday, and it's definitely not the whole branch. This kind of shutdown is similar to a subway shutdown, only that the shutdown lasts the whole weekend. Now to the apples to wheat comparison. The track getting shutdown is a non-electrified, single-track mainline with a stub-ended yard at the end. The entire track is surface level (at grade) except for a couple overpasses. That makes work simple, dig a trench, lay pipe, install wayside equipment, and backfill. The biggest concern is the nearby power lines that run adjacent to the tracks for a stretch. Nothing compared to the work required on the full 4-6 track, third rail Queens Blvd line, which NYCT does weekend service adjustments to allow for CBTC work.
  10. Don't know if this was mentioned elsewhere: MTA's Memorabilia and Collectibles are having a holiday special until the 18th, 50% off all inventory except tokens. Site: http://web.mta.info/nyct/materiel/collectsales/index.html Have you asked them about picking up an order? In the past I've gotten a yes from them, but I was never able to make it to the city at the right time.
  11. Ironically, looks like the "renovations" we're part of the cause. Post reported that a section of the prefab wall collapsed onto the roadway causing the derailment. https://nypost.com/2017/11/26/crumbling-wall-causes-subway-derailment-in-bay-ridge/
  12. Anybody notice that the Transit layer on Google Maps now has the station outlines for NYC Subway? Or am I just late to the game?
  13. Looks like the seats at the end of that R46 we're removed and extra grab irons were added. I kind of like the courtesy ads in the doorway.
  14. Does this really mean that Bombadier has been blacklisted? The article mentions that their current bid was rejected, with reasons gleaned from an internal Bombadier memo. I know that agencies have a tendency to hold onto negative memories, but I'm not sure this is the case here. Has there been any representative of this from an MTA source? As for the question of collaborative contract gouging, it's plausible, but I think there should be enough managerial and political checks in place to keep Alstom and Kawasaki from running amok. Here's to hoping the powers that be are desperate, not stupid. Siemens is a possible contender, and if Bombadier regains a good track record they can be very much viable for upcoming contracts. Just not this one. Sent from my Moto G using Tapatalk
  15. I've heard it from the station managers: you have to smile all the time or dealing with the pax will consume you. I love RCC asking what's causing the delay during rush. How many times is that asked on the radio on a given day? It makes me wonder if it's protocol for them to ask [emoji848] What I don't like is the public's mentality that the C/R should be holding the doors if someone is running to board. It's like people complaining about getting a speeding ticket and not a warning. It's someone extending courtesy, not granting a right. If you're not on the train by the time the C/R closes the doors you've technically missed the train. If I'm running for the train and the doors start closing, I stop if I know I can't make it through smoothly. Sent from my Moto G using Tapatalk

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