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  1. beautiful pictures and videos )
  2. nice bus icon what model is that?

  3. wassupp fellas

  4. woww does the r160 really run on the A line now?? nice find. i hope to see more of these. :tup:
  5. supp man i like ur profile pics of the 7 line

  6. hey man those are some awesome photos of the J and the G line the g looked real shiny and clean. and im guessing the J was not in service since it was in the middle of the track rite? i had to look at ur shots like twice just to see the quality
  7. great shots and catch didnt realize the stripe ends on the side of the bus
  8. man these are some rad pictures i have seen the megabus in person in manhatten. what a tall bus. it had reminded me of a airplane. great shots;)
  9. wow dude thanks for the heads up;) i havent actually noticed that when i passed the stations. i seen some track work over there and it looks like it wont take a while to be complete.
  10. nicee pictures i been here on the L Line. B)
  11. woow dude i really like enjoyed your pictures of the different buses in staten island and around nyc. not bad i could look at them again and again. good job
  12. oo thats cool well ur welcome

  13. wow i herd about this and im just mad that someone would try to blow up my city. i been living here for 18 yrs and im tired of someone trying to mess up my hometown. **** them. i hope they find the person and put him in prison for life. :cry:
  14. i love ur picture of the redbird :)

  15. i would pay money to see that train in real life. i mean a r68 on the a ? not really
  16. lolllll i always wondered that.. and naa i never have been stuck in the subway yards. wud be nice tho.. wouldnt the train operators kick you out??
  17. ur welcome sir

  18. i like ur pic.

  19. lmaoo i been wondering that for a long time if that could ever happen. it creeps me out alot. but hey it could happen especially on the old cars such as the r46s and the r32s.
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