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  1. what i have always loved about the r68s on the (:)&(D) is the propulsion sounds they make once they are bypassing a station or running real fast.

    the looks are great and are always a comfortable ride


    i used to go to beverly road and 4th avenue station and i wud watch the r68s run express and make that whirling sound

    it is amazing


    i wish i would have gotten a chance to see the b on the r40 slants. : (

  2. i recieved a message tellin me to say hello to everyone so wats up everyone ?;) im a big fan of the nyc subway and buses.. im always taking trips on r160s and others in ny. but im really wanting some on the A,C, and on some r68s, cuz they are real old and it wud make the city look nice if all trains wud be automated.. imo.

    what do u guys think ?

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