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  1. Is the B train not running until Tuesday as well? It shares tracks with D after Atlantic Ave.
  2. Why not shut down both tubes at once, and put both of them up to date.
  3. Ah, good point. I suppose other agencies dont do it like that I was considering how much money it would save on labors if it took less crews to operate train at night I dont think they need ALL cars to fit everyone in and not be cramped.
  4. I have never seen Q get crowded early morning. I am not talking 10 or 11, I am talking 12, 1 2 3 am. And not just Q, but for most if not all services.
  5. I suppose Amtrak can run in two sections like MTA did for Q. Bus them to Newark Penn to connect to Acela DC bound. And vice versa for Boston bound.
  6. Yea but I figure they can make some kind of intermodal statiion, with Greyhound, Amtrak, Boltbus all under one roof, and then have it connected to Light rail system.
  7. You want insane? I took Metro North to New Haven, and the Shore East to New London and then bus to Rhode Island and then MBTA to Boston.
  8. I commute home from Union Square to Neck Road via Q at night, around midnight. And except on Fridays and Saturdays its not full. So instead of running 8 cars at a time, what if MTA ran 4, or 5 INSTEAD? Would running less cars help MTA save money? Cities like Chicago and Washington runs less cars during off peak.
  9. I was about to say, isnt 10 min interval in the morning and afternoon normal? I thought the original post was pointing out lack of service.
  10. Nice pics. Would be nice if they could connect it to Amtrak station.
  11. The view would be quite spectacular you have to admit, and if tourists will spend enough money on gondola for MTA to profit off of I say go for it.
  12. So then only south bound or north bound, depending on time of the day will go express between Church Avenue and Avenue X? I suppose that could work.
  13. It could get some uses from tourists I will give em that
  14. Isnt F train expresss line ionly a single track? Between the local tracks?
  15. New York to Chicago HSR could work. Around 7 to 8 hours, not a short haul but not a week journey. But Anything beyond would be too far and too long.
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