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  1. I have searched the web up and down and was not able to find any specific info about COBRA benefits for MTA workers( subway train/bus) I would really appreciate if any one here knows how much monthly dues are for family coverage and what it is covered ( medical/dental/vision)? Also are benefits provided through same carriers? ( United Health CAre for medical / HealthPlex for dental/ GVS for vision) and is it all free or there are co=pays (if yes how much) and/or any deductibles Are dues payable in monthly payments or yearly? Appreciate your help
  2. wow the level of maturity on this forum is certainly something not to brag about...
  3. oh, and one more thing.... since working all those hours in the beginning...do you get paid O/T for anything over 8 hours even if you sit around waiting??
  4. lucky me i do not need this job ... as a matter of fact i have not taken this exam or any other exams...got a pretty good job am trying to find concise info to help some people i know who do not use computers.... So you see now, why I am asking the questions and why I would like the answers in one place.... If anybody got offended....i am sorry...but the same goes for myself when i see ppl criticizing right off the bat not knowing what the situation is However...the link provided above for some reason took me to a different post which had nothing to do with i had asked for.. i just went through and read another thread.....which did give me an idea about how it works in terms of days off and shifts and base salary... However, there is no answer to the first part of my posting : 1st day of schoolcar..... - how many ppl per schoolcar - how many hour do you get to actually "drive" every day - how long is the schoolcar training? - do you need to pass a test at end of schoolcar or you are considered hired on 1st day?? - how "difficult" are the instructors? do they actually take the time to explain everything properly or do they expect you to somehow know what to do? - what's the hardest thing to learn?
  6. let me put it this way... if you do not have time to answer the question as asked....then do NOT....the same works for me and some other ppl out here: we DO NOT HAVE THE TIME TO read hundreds of postings from hundreds of other threads and so on and so forth.... I asked SPECIFIC questions because I do not want to "browse" through nonsense to find out a bit here and there... THAT's ALL !!! SO please..... IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE ANSWERS TO THE TOPIC OR YOU DO NOT HAVE THE TIME TO ANSWER...PLEASE DO NOT BOTHER WIKTH ANY OTHER COMMENTS.... I understand a lot of ppl come here just to pass the time but some of us are actually leading full busy lives and we are using this forum to find details and/or news about specific topics/subjects... THANK YOU !!!!!!!
  7. and how is this link helping ??? there are 17 or so pages on that thread not related to the above...not talking about list #'s here or the preliminary process.... Just wanted to get a feel of how things work as many ppl will have to change their life style so to speak once they get this job and would like to know what to expect and try to make some sort of planning of sorts....
  8. So.....it looks like the ball started rolling...good for the ppl waiting for the past few years!!! And my questions below: Assuming you passed all prelim. tests 1st day of schoolcar..... - how many ppl per schoolcar - how many hour do you get to actually "drive" every day - how long is the schoolcar training - do you need to pass a test at end of schoolcar - how "difficult" are the instructors? Now, assuming you are done with school car and it is your first day of work: - what are the hours you work - what are days off - what line do you work on? ( do you get to choose at least the borough if not the line? i mean, lets say you live in brooklyn or staten island...would you have to go to Bronx for example to start your day?) - what shift do you get - when the medical ins starts? - what is the base pay? - do you get overtime? - I heard that at the beginning all new employees get " split hours" like the work 2-3 hours then the sit around doing nothing for couple of yours and then work again few hours and so on which makes the work day to be actually more like 12-14 hours ( you work a total of 8 hours but all the sitting around in between adds up!!!) - IS THIS TRUE ??????? and if it is...are you getting paid for the "waisted" hours? - how long is the probation period? - do you have to buy your own uniform Well...that's all I can think of so far...hope this will satisfy many ppl curiosity
  9. so....what's the word on exam 8098 T/O ??? anyone heard anything yet???:confused:
  10. let it be known that a lot of the hearing loss problems are due to "wax build-up" which your regular doctor easily could take out....your hearing will be improved 10 fold....this would be recommended to do BEFORE the MTA medical If you fail the MTA hearing test....you will be told at that time what you need to do...either appeal or see a specialist, get a diagnostic and return with the results...each individual case is different depending on your hearing condition... However, my suggestion would be...if you see an ENT specialist ( after you fail MTA test ) and that specialist says there is nothing wrong with your hearing...then do yourself a favor and go get a 2nd opinion....this way, you could go back or appeal and have results from 2 different doctors... Of course, you could always call MTA 718 330-1234 with any questions you have...follow the prompts and press the # corresponding to your problem...if not sure, press the # for human resources and they will direct you Blood pressure medication takes about 90 days to get your pressure under control
  11. Hi All, If anyone out here started the 3/28 class , please post info / thoughts / opinions... TKS:tup:
  12. call 718 330 1234 - listen to prompts...u want to press the number that puts you to H.R. ( human resources ) Also, most likely your backround check DID NOT check out yet.....remember, they ARE going to CALL and check on all your past employments(s)...if some of the places do not answer the phone or they take their sweet time to reply and verify your info...then you are going to be "put on hold" untill MTA get responses...also, chances are you are going to soon be colled to go back for a second drug test....the first one is valid for only 30 days so if there is a achance you will not be called for phisical within 30 days from your first drug test, then they will call you for a second one....hope this helps
  13. you DO NEED your H.S. diploma to show...the original, not a copy....or a ....certified copy...something with a "raised seal" on it...
  14. hi Acela, Go to your own doctor and tell them you need to have a CDL form filled out....all doctor offices have one....your doctor will fill out the 10 page form and give n "OK" pass ( or not, if you have health problems) - then take that form to DMV...it is a requirement to get your CDL permit....you DO NOT HAVE TO WAIT FOR MTA EXAM!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. you have to listen very carefully when you call dcas The message was indeed : "you are NOT on an outstanding certification" for a long time....however...for the list # 1-191 the message now says : " you ARE currently on an outstanding certification " - which means #1-191 are called in for physical/drug and stuff.... No one from 8006 got hired yet.... keep calling the dcas phone...when something is going on regarding YOU ( your list # ), you will hear a different message then you have heard previously...

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