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  1. I could always try that out for a few days, and then see if it works. It seems well worth considering. It certainly will. I'm stuck with five days a week this semester, since there were issues with my transcript getting mailed, so I didn't get accepted until April 30th, meaning that I couldn't register for classes until very late.
  2. The N6 is on the opposite side of town from me, and despite it's frequency, it's excruciatingly slow, even if it's cheaper. NICE is also not very reliable (I commuted via NICE to NCC two years in a row, and would rather not step foot on a NICE bus again). That may not be a bad option, though it would be tight (the Hunterspoint train arrives at 829 and my classes start at 910).
  3. I'm going to be attending Hunter College starting in the fall. I will be taking train #907 (arrives at 8:29 to Penn, it's the only direct of the day) in, and am considering various routes via the subway to get from the railroad to Hunter. As I am not a regular subway rider (though I will be, come this fall), I am aware that other members on this forum will have much more knowledge about reliability and speed than I do. The options I am considering are: 1) LIRR to Forest Hills >>> walk to 71st/Continental >>> F to Lexington/63rd >>> walk to Hunter College The biggest appeal of this route is that I don't need to transfer between subway services. I may also be able to grab a seat at either 71st or when people get off at Roosevelt to transfer to the 7. However, the F, from what I hear, is very delay-prone, and I will have to walk a few blocks from Lex/63rd to Hunter, which may be a bit irritating in inclement weather. 2) LIRR to Woodside >>> 7 express to Queensboro Plaza >>> N/W to Lex/59th >>> 6 to 68th/Hunter College This route has the benefit of being nearly as direct distance-wise as option #1, and also happens to avoid the walk from Lex/63rd to campus. However, this option requires two transfers. If I can pull of the transfers with minimal wait (which I doubt is possible, thanks to the current state of the subway), then could it possibly be faster than option #1? 3) LIRR to Penn Station >>> E to 53rd/Lex >>> 6 to 68th/Hunter College This option requires backtracking across Manhattan, but it only requires one transfer. This is the least appealing to me, not just due to the longer distance, but also due to the fact that transferring at 53rd/Lex can be cumbersome due to the crowds and narrow escalators. However, I could easily be wrong. Out of these three, which one would likely be the best option? If anyone has any routes I have not considered, you are welcome to reply with those.
  4. I'm a bit late to the party, and not as familiar with the bus network as many others here, but I'm surprised that no one has suggested cutting the Q111 trip to Cedarhurst. It's a very out of place run, with no marked stops. To be fair, I'm not certain as to what kind of ridership that lone trip gets.
  5. Over the past few months, the timetable racks seem emptier than they even were before on the buses. Whatever timetables there are still available do not seem more recent than fall 2017. The MTA didn't officially announce anything, so I'm assuming that they just quietly killed them off.
  6. Out of all places and out of all things, I found a sizable amount of n35 and n70/71/72 timetables in a secondary hall of the M Building at Nassau Community College. The catch is that these were from the LIB days, with the n35 (or, as it was back then, N35) timetables dated from 2009 and the N70/71/72 timetables dated from 2011. They were in mint shape too, and there's still some left there.
  7. I personally believe the headway-based schedules are possibly a cover for NICE to claim that service is improving, but in reality, it masks the pure unreliability of the network and the lack of timeliness of most lines.
  8. I need to stop collecting timetables/maps. I have at least 4k individual items, and I get more every single day (today I got some from Townsville, QLD).

    Perhaps I should sell some off...

  9. Now comes one month of speculation as to what stops (or routes) are going to be cut before NICE releases its service changes. One stop that I honestly want to see cut is the southbound n15/31/32 stop at Hempstead Av @ Broad St, which is so close to Hempstead Av @ Westminster Rd that I have no idea why it exists. Nearly all riders at either stop use them for the same purpose (National Wholesale Liquidators).
  10. Do you have a photo of that? Also, will there be schedule changes (besides timing, of course) as well?
  11. I couldn't agree more with that customer service statement! It's telling that, for instance, the information booth at Hempstead is often unstaffed, even during hours when it is "open". However, this clearly is not the attitude that Transdev has everywhere, as some of their French subsidiaries have been kind enough to mail me maps as a kind gesture. It's also interesting that OP mentioned that this occurred on the n32. As someone who uses that, as well as the n31, several times a week, they are arguably among the "best" of NICE's operations.
  12. Perhaps the speed of NICE operators has to due with the very tight schedules they work with? There isn't that much padding due to budgetary constraints.
  13. Saw a broken-down bus on the 31/32 today (I think it was 1700-series, not certain) southbound at Hempstead Ave & Roosevelt Bvld.
  14. I expect NICE to probably receive additional funding, which will be good in the short-term (possible return of cut service, better maintained buses). However, in the long-term, with her willingness to provide more government welfare services in a county that is still under financial strain, it will only hurt, as Nassau will likely emerge even more broke than before. Another thing to factor in when it comes to this is that she had no specifics as to how a funding source for NICE would be created, while Martins stated that he would impose a tax on ride-sharing services (no doubt beneficial to the cab companies as well).
  15. I don't know... I have not seen the community meeting notes that you have mentioned. Is it possible for you to link them to me?


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