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  1. I need to stop collecting timetables/maps. I have at least 4k individual items, and I get more every single day (today I got some from Townsville, QLD).

    Perhaps I should sell some off...

  2. Now comes one month of speculation as to what stops (or routes) are going to be cut before NICE releases its service changes. One stop that I honestly want to see cut is the southbound n15/31/32 stop at Hempstead Av @ Broad St, which is so close to Hempstead Av @ Westminster Rd that I have no idea why it exists. Nearly all riders at either stop use them for the same purpose (National Wholesale Liquidators).
  3. Do you have a photo of that? Also, will there be schedule changes (besides timing, of course) as well?
  4. I couldn't agree more with that customer service statement! It's telling that, for instance, the information booth at Hempstead is often unstaffed, even during hours when it is "open". However, this clearly is not the attitude that Transdev has everywhere, as some of their French subsidiaries have been kind enough to mail me maps as a kind gesture. It's also interesting that OP mentioned that this occurred on the n32. As someone who uses that, as well as the n31, several times a week, they are arguably among the "best" of NICE's operations.
  5. Perhaps the speed of NICE operators has to due with the very tight schedules they work with? There isn't that much padding due to budgetary constraints.
  6. Because if we're extending the route down towards Cambria Heights/Rosedale, you'll have most passengers on the extension likely wanting to go towards Jamaica, which requires a transfer. Personally, I would split the Q27 into three routes: 1) A Springfield Boulevard Crosstown route running from 147 Av/Springfield to Northern/Bell. 2) A 46th Ave/Springfield Boulevard bus from Flushing to Queens Village LIRR 3) A Jamaica Ave/Springfield Boulevard bus from Jamaica/Parsons-Archer to Springfield/147 Ave I don't really know much about the loads on the route, to be honest, but this seems to make sense on paper
  7. Saw a broken-down bus on the 31/32 today (I think it was 1700-series, not certain) southbound at Hempstead Ave & Roosevelt Bvld.
  8. I expect NICE to probably receive additional funding, which will be good in the short-term (possible return of cut service, better maintained buses). However, in the long-term, with her willingness to provide more government welfare services in a county that is still under financial strain, it will only hurt, as Nassau will likely emerge even more broke than before. Another thing to factor in when it comes to this is that she had no specifics as to how a funding source for NICE would be created, while Martins stated that he would impose a tax on ride-sharing services (no doubt beneficial to the cab companies as well).
  9. I don't know... I have not seen the community meeting notes that you have mentioned. Is it possible for you to link them to me?
  10. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    I've always wondered to myself - how are those Q111 services to Cedarhurst still in operation? I don't think that they're funded by Nassau County at all, and it's not well publicized, nor is it frequent. Is anything stopping the MTA from discontinuing the service?
  11. A couple of tidbits of news from NCC in the last couple of days: 1) The school is planning on reworking the big southern parking lot. Part of the plan seems to include rerouting NICE service permanently to avoid travelling through the lot, even after construction. 2) I saw an artic (#1966, I think) operating as a training bus today on campus. Does this mean a possible return of n6x service to NCC next semester?
  12. So there's a decent chance that I'll be going to Paris in June 2018 for about 7-8 days. I plan to try to not just cover parts of Paris, but also explore the Ile-De-France as a whole. If anyone is familiar with the Paris public transit network (Metro/Tram/RER/Bus/Transillien), I have a few questions: 1) Are buses and trains air-conditioned? 2) Are there certain lines/stations that should be avoided for safety reasons? 3) Are there certain lines/stations (except the most famous ones, such as Gare du Nord - no one can miss those!) that are worth a journey without exception? 4) Are paper maps/schedules obtainable? 5) How crowded are rush hours? Those are the most pressing questions I have in my mind right now. If anyone has answers, that would be great!
  13. Does anyone else think that the n16 should no longer stop at Earle Ovington and Charles Lindbergh southbound? I rarely see people waiting there, and when I do, the n16 is 90-95% of the time so full that no one there can board anyway. This would also help to improve schedule adherence because it would permit the southbound n16 runs to cut through the parking lot and avoid the signal at the intersection of Earle Ovington and Charles Lindbergh, which always gets backed up around class change times.
  14. They could, especially since the depot is not far away (so dead-heading is not really an issue). Another thing that could be done is to time mid-day service differently to reflect class change times. That was one of the pitfalls of the mid-day n6x pre-April, as some trips would be SRO one day and be empty the next.
  15. I've known that the n6x does not serve campus for the last few weeks. I was discussing how if they were to use artics to service NCC, NICE would likely have to interline the n16x trips with n6x trips that do utilize them so as to not spend more than absolutely needed... Which means nothing for mid-day service (and more unreliable service during the rush on top of the current issues).


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