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  1. Football is the easiest game to track, you need to make your player moves for only 2-3 days a week. In other sports, you have to keep track of your players almost every day, especially baseball.
  2. Since footbal season is upon us, how does a NYC Transit Forums Fantasy Football game sound? Although the 2010 season is a week away, I can set things up for you to join the proposed league, by using Yahoo Fantasy Football. If you are interesting in joining my league (we need a minimum of 8 players for it to work.) then please shoot me a PM with your name and email address so I can send out invites. Invites will be accepted first come, first served and will close once I have 12 teams. There will be a live draft, I am trying to make it as convenient as possible, which I am looking at 8 PM Tuesday (9/7). No prizes, just bragging rights for the best team who wins the league in January, but all along we will have lots of fun and plenty of things to talk about all things Football (and how crappy your team did last week, LOL.)
  3. "I'm your worst nightmare" - - 48 HRS and Rambo III "Ah, the smell of Napalm" - - Apocalypse Now. "Shocking (pause) positvely shocking" -- Goldfinger "I think he is attempting re-entry" - Moonraker "It belongs in a Museum" - - Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade "This is a .45 Mangum, the most powerful handgun in the world . . . do I feel lucky? Well do you, PUNK?" - - Dirty Harry "Bullshit" - - Bullitt "Listen up Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a fugitive that's been on the run for more than 90 minutes. . . " and "I don't care" - - both from The Fugitive.
  4. I have been with Sprint since 1998, this is an upgrade to the now dated and awful HTC Mogul (aka PPC-6800). The drawbacks are the charging (sometimes you unplug it and the phone will still be in USB state), and the lack of customization in creating new photo albums while moving/copying pictures and videos.
  5. Congratulations on purchasing the best phone ever made on the face of this earth, the HTC EVO. It has everything you want in a fun, fun, fun form factor, easy to use and great to use. I do want a word of caution, somehow I had a bunch of pics from the last TM/Bus trip and they (as well as others) were wiped out from the memory card. Just be careful and back them up. Other than that, I can recommend the must have apps for your phone - - or anyone who has an Android phone. (These apps work best on 2.1/2.2 OS) 1. Advanced Task Killer 2. App Brain (backs up all of your apps) 3. Lookout (scans the apps you downloaded) 4. A Online Radio (thousands of radio stations around the world) 5. Astro File Manager 6. Replica Island (Best game to play, you control a - - what else but an Android in a Super Mario Bros setting.) More apps to come.
  6. I can't wait until June 4th - - picking up the HTC EVO phone for Sprint - - 10 times better than the iBrick!!!!
  7. Here is the skinny AM Rush: Northbound terminates at St. Lawrence, wait there for next Pelham local thru train (bypassing Parkchester because it will be on the local track), southbound is normal until 10 AM Midday: Parkchester trains terminate at 3rd Ave/138, Pelham Bay trains run local in both directions, northbound bypassing Parkchester PM Rush: Northbound terminates at St. Lawrence - - Must transfer at Hunts Point for thru service (should be interesting for thos getting to Parkctester - - those starting st Elder and St. lawrence must use Bx4 to Parkchester station or go back to Hunts Point. The northbound wiull use the southbound platform to stop at Parkchester. Evenings (after 9 PM) nights and Weekends: Same as Midday, only without the 3rd Ave termination, unless affected by G.O.s then all northbound will bypass Parkchester.
  8. LOL, how about ALL the other line maps with stupid mistakes. Bx1 Limited at 238th Street and Bee line #90, Bx 12 (where's the SBS??) Bx12 (so where's the SBS???) bee Line #93 (summers only) and Q19B, Q19A, B61 and Bee Line #90 The E at Spring Street is colored as the shuttle (black) group and Q10A (E and F only), Q65A, Q19A, Q19B, Q101R and B61 Cortlandt Street (southbound only????), Q19A, B61, Q101R and Cortlandt Street (CLOSED!!!!!!), Q19A, B61, Q101R That just about covers these dumb mistakes.
  9. They are even lying about the time it starts - - do you really think they will send 3 additional trains out for just 2 hours of work (from 8:30 PM to 11 PM, when the G.O. starts) - - they will simply not allow the G to start the extension at 8:30 PM and will run to/from Cort Square instead. Very slick move on NYCT's part - - if not illegal based on the information from the public hearing.
  10. Rumors make these sites look bad - - they are lies IMHO. People come to view transit related websites for authentic information - - how do you think http://www.nycsubway.org and other website still thrive today? Because they only post verifiable information.
  11. Just one sentence sums it up about the MTA (and I have been a staunch critic of them). Congratulations to the men and women of the MTA and the branch agencies for a spectacular job well done in among the worst conditions yesterday. I forever hold my peace.
  12. Why not a Q35 ride out to Rock Park then take the ====> back to the city.
  13. NEXT!!!!!! That's why I said it was easy. Your turn now.
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