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  1. Might you try a direct message yourself to ENY?
  2. It would be nice to see a photo or video of these FINDs as they are actually installed in the R179s that have been delivered. (not photos of the ones as installed in the R160s, similar though they may be)
  3. Thanks, that helps; but I'd still like to see 'em.
  4. I take it there are still no photos or videos of the inside of the actual car yet? (I don't mean the pre-construction mock-up videos)
  5. Any interior footage available yet? (I have already seen the mock up one)
  6. @ B46. Please send me the link by private message if you like, to avoid the staff member sacking.
  7. Anybody got a nice close pic of the LCD video screen portion of the new FINDs?
  8. Cool photo of interior of the cab. Anybody have a pic of the interior of the passenger area?
  9. Has anybody actually SEEN the contract between Bombardier and the MTA? I bet the MTA only has a remedy in damages for late delivery, not the right to cancel unilaterally.
  10. LOL. Gentlemen, let the rumour-mill engines begin!! (Ya, I'm Canadian, so-what? and that's how we spell "rumour". LOL) By the way, we do love our American neighbours (see what I did there?)
  11. Hey thanks mucho! Quick! Do we have access to any closer-ups of the FIND system on board these R179s? I just wanted to see if they have the LCD video screen imbedded in them like on the R160s.
  12. Anyone have a direct link to this? (I'm a little MTA web site challenged). Much appreciated.
  13. Do we have an actual date? Will it be a big media announced / covered event?

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