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  1. busdude2

    NJTransit Audit Results

    Sounds like a long process before anything changes for the better. Too much talk not enough action.
  2. Dave i wonder if you know the answer to this ? Before NJT went to 5 digit bus numbers like 16001 what would have been the last bus to have a 4 digit number ? My guess would be either 4042 Mci hybrid or 7362 Mci cng not sure which order finished last.
  3. busdude2

    85 60-Foot Clean Diesel Articulated Buses

    I agree both routes could use them too.
  4. busdude2

    85 60-Foot Clean Diesel Articulated Buses

    I wonder why still only 85 artics you would think they could use at least 100 or more instead of keeping the same amount.
  5. busdude2

    New Jersey Transit Depot-By-Depot Bus Roster

    Looks like you can add another possible totaled Nabi 6072 hit by a train today in Garfield. That's 2 totaled running for Saddle River in the last 2 weeks. The other caught fire 6101.
  6. I meant to say year 2 for NJT buses not the privates. Thanks
  7. Well year one went very well for MCI. So do you think the next batch will be 19,000 numbers ?
  8. I think you mean to say 18120.
  9. busdude2

    New Jersey Transit Depot-By-Depot Bus Roster

    Most were head on crashes so driver error involved by someone. In the case of bus 6348 the driver hit a tree. That was severe damage. Then there was bus 5612 that T-boned 5784 in Newark another caused by a driver not the bus. The bus fire they will look at that to see what the cause was.
  10. busdude2

    NJT MCI Pictures June 2018 Part 3

    Sweet and great catch of 18116.
  11. busdude2

    New Jersey Transit Depot-By-Depot Bus Roster

    That bus was a Nabi from NJT 6101 and it looked totaled. It was running for Saddle river. I think that must be about 7 or 8 totaled now. Nabi's totaled that i know of are 5612, 5784, 6348, 6357, 6101, badly damaged outcome unknown are 5772, 5998, 5952, 6545. I'm sure a few more.
  12. I bet they were anxious since they were only 12 years old when sold. Many Mci's are about 17-18 years old and still going at NJT.
  13. Nice pis Dave. I see you got a pic of an old NJT Eagle I thought 5604 was the only Eagle saved. I am glad another one was saved.


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