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  1. Update 5919 is still on property at NJT Ferry St. only used for maintenance training.
  2. 5757 and 5919 were flooded by Hurricane Sandy in the Danforth ave A & C bus garage in Jersey City. And some Nova's also. I just found that out from Tony Merced Jr and if anyone would know it would be him.
  3. Very nice but those passenger seats look like concrete to sit on.
  4. 5612, 5784, 6101, 6348 are totaled for sure. Not sure on the others you ask about but 5757, and 5919 may be gone also. I know its about 8-10 retired not too bad from a 1300 bus order.
  5. They did step up a little they added more stops on the #1 route to cover some of the #4.
  6. Good question about 5757, 5919 MIA NJT not happy with A & C since they dropped the 4 route.
  7. The buses you mentioned like the 2 - 6400's and 5759 are at NJT now. 5757 and 5919 are out of service one or both are retired.
  8. Also Neoplan artic 9534 caught fire the whole engine compartment toast. Probably retired now but the front half is fine.
  9. Don't know much info yet but, bus 5700 hit the Nj Turnpike toll plaza at exit 14C today. Extensive front end damage no word on injuries but I am sure there are.
  10. Yeah the MTA they are not too bright. Just like when they gave up on the Grummans and NJT picked them up at a great price and kept them running until the early 2000's.
  11. From another site 5759 from A & C bus company is in like new condition in NJT colors at Ironbound. Not in service but looks ready.
  12. Terrible name why not just put a bullseye on the place. Too many nuts out there.

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