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  1. Very nice shots I like the 2 different paint schemes you got of Saddle River Tour buses.
  2. 18020 on the 410 right now. Saturday 3:30 pm. Finally some NJT 18000's on Youtube. 18002 and 18005 in videos.
  3. Question about Oradell garage ?

    Wow that would be a surprise new 40 foot cruiser buses . I thought that was never going to happen again.
  4. I was wondering what will be done when the 40 foot buses are gone and the 45 foot buses come in ? I know there was a lot of talk on how they can fit them at Oradell. Did they expand somehow or will they have to send some buses to another garage ? I never heard what they will do.
  5. Any chance could you get a picture of one of 18000's.
  6. I don't see any new buses out today on Mybus now Saturday 3:20 pm. Weekdays only I suppose for now.
  7. New Jersey Transit Depot-By-Depot Bus Roster

    18019 is the highest i have seen running. But they are coming in fast now can't keep up.
  8. Thanks Dave they are really rolling in fast now.
  9. 18009 and 18015 are on the 554 right now 3 pm 11/29.
  10. IBOA Business Model

    The business model changed in 1976 when the state bought the buses starting with the huge order of Flxible new looks. Before that the operators owned the buses they used. Those were the good old days of the Independent bus owners association. All the buses had different color stripes depending on the bus line it was going to like Blue for Transport of NJ now NJT and some private lines too. Other colors were red, orange and green. They came in 30 ft, 35 ft and 40 ft models and widths of 96 inch and 102 inch. Some had single doors but most had two doors. All had A/C units.
  11. Proterra Electric buses coming to Newton Ave

    Watch and see how they handle dealing with NJT. It will be a big mistake. And millennium where are they now any big orders on the streets or just a few NJT rejects at casinos and small transits.
  12. Proterra Electric buses coming to Newton Ave

    NJT will never learn stop buying this garbage like they did with the Designline crap. And Millennium mess stick with a proven builder. An electric bus in NJ winters what a mistake.
  13. New Jersey Transit Depot-By-Depot Bus Roster

    Egg Harbor lost low floor Nabi 1606 totaled hit head on.
  14. New Jersey Transit Depot-By-Depot Bus Roster

    Wow I never heard that what are they replacing it with ? They don't have any spares buses there.
  15. Essex County To RT 440 Shopping Ctr Route

    The Hudson mall is a relic from the 70's. Not busy enough to need more bus service other than the 440 shopper. Which by the way is a fair bus service for the amount of people that use it. It is more of a strip shopping center than a full typical mall. Just my opinion.


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