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  1. No they wont go back to 4 digits so i'm guessing 20201. 20 for the year and start at 20201 so not to mess with the MCI order. We will see soon.
  2. What number will the artics use if the MCI's are starting with 20001 ? Maybe start after the MCI's 20201 ?
  3. When are the 40ft buses coming for Oradell ?
  4. I would guess Teterboro would be a little too far south for some routes.
  5. There are some nice big places that could have been a NJT bus garage just north of the current one. But people seem to want golf courses instead of transit. Can't have it both ways.
  6. I forgot they dropped the #4 route . So that's why NJT took some buses back.
  7. Why are they taking buses from M & W ? They are already missing 5757 and 5919 and now 3 more.
  8. Nice shots but those old MCI's are really showing their age.
  9. That looks like primer for damage repair because the window is broken. Not being scrapped.
  10. They should save 5249 the last bus of the last batch.
  11. Thanks Dave that will be fun but the extra 85 are greatly needed.
  12. We never found out what really happened to Nabi 5757 from A&C bus company. There was no mention of accident or fire very strange. The only other bus make NJT has is the Neoplan Artics not ready quite yet for the scrap yard.
  13. So about 19 more for this batch right ending at 19184 ?

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