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  1. At least they were smart and got them out in time before the flooding.
  2. They will be NF 40ft buses. Forget Nova and that would have been the only other choice. NF can easily handle a 1200 bus order. Remember Nabi is NF now.
  3. So bus numbers in this batch end at 21334 right ? So buses are already built in the 21270's or 80's. So maybe only approx 50 buses left to be built to get to 334 buses.
  4. It was supposed to be Proterra but now New Flyer is in the mix. So its a 50/50 shot we will see soon who gets it. I bet New Flyer since they already have their foot in the door but it could go either way.
  5. The artic order is almost done only need about 20 more buses to get to 20910 the finally bus. Unless the option order of 85 buses is still in the works.
  6. So if the 25 order is 2021 models will they go back to numbers like 21801 or continue thru 21910 like we thought it would end at 20910 ?
  7. The 4000's and 7200, 7300's are way to young to be replaced. Only 5 years old.
  8. I thought the same thing 16xxx what the hell. Lol vin #'s got it .
  9. Thanks Dave we really appreciate all the work you do keeping us up to date on the fleet. You do a fantastic job. 👍
  10. Dave do we know which order this is ? The 85 bus order or both the additional 25 bus so 110 total ?

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