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  1. These should be part of the first order of 85 not the 25. But it really does not make any difference.
  2. They should send them some 18000's and NJT can get the newer ones.
  3. Dont think any will be built with the new huge garage being built for Oradell and Market st etc...
  4. I doubt they can get 334 buses in one year so some should be 22000 series numbers.
  5. 19137 was hit right at the rear axles right side. Very fixable the wheels took most of the hit.
  6. And another crash it was a head on crash I could only see the last 3 bus numbers 512 so 7512 or 8512 IT was an older MCI.
  7. Or until the order for 290 option for 40 ft buses happens.
  8. Thanks its so easy on Facebook to add photos but tougher on here.
  9. Yes many many miles. I would post a pic of 7186 on here but can't figure out how to do it.
  10. Yes I saw the pics of 20003, 04, 05 and 20008. Nice catch by Trevor.
  11. Not sure why. I did not see any obvious damage in the photo but I heard it was due to high mileage.
  12. 7186 was scrapped back in 2018. Saw a pic on google maps of it in the scrapyard in Jersey City.
  13. 7186 was scrapped in 2018. Saw a pic on google maps of it in the scrapyard in Jersey City.
  14. And NJT was not happy with A & C when they dropped the 4 route so they took some newer buses (6400's) back.
  15. And they lost 5757, 5919 so about 6 buses which they did not need since they dumped the 4 route.
  16. That was reported today on another NJT FB page.
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