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  1. Congrats on making C/R man

  2. LOL like you haven't met me already haha

  3. Nah, I ended up not going because something came up and a value girls more than buses lol :cool:

  4. Thanks for the info dude! :cool:

  5. Alright lol. Im asking because Im fanning the buses there and have no clue about that area of Brooklyn.

  6. By any chance, do you know how Mill Basin in Brooklyn is?

  7. Hey Gordon, sorry about your toe. But where is this abandoned bus stop and intersection in Forest Park. ALl I know about is the abandoned LIRR ROW and the active LIRR ROW in the park...

  8. IDK, I don't really talk to MTA workers... just shyness. Although, the couple of times I've fanned that route and there was always one B/O that waves, smiles, honks, etc... that could be him. Do you know his run #?

  9. Soo... Whats so special about R42 (F) Trains that you need to FOAM FOAM and need a mop? lolol

  10. lol. I thought you knew

  11. Thanks. I deleted the phrase because people know what my new name is by now.

  12. Mucho Gracias! :)

  13. Thanks so much man and the blue stripe is no big deal

  14. i cant find a a way to do that

  15. im gonna try that thx

  16. it wont let me because smilies count as images and btw I dont write it each time. I saved it in wordpad.

  17. thats a better idea thx

  18. lol born and raised at Fresh pond! =p

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