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  1. nobody lol im doing it for free for you man all you need is the bus and i can wrap it

  2. hello sirjokaplaya i was just recently inquired about the scheme you want me to make for your model bus

  3. WHOA i like that sign alot

  4. ok with the C40 right

  5. hello my name is also Oscar

  6. hey do you have aim or Facebook if you do PM it to me

  7. r142a.png

    look i have made the A car of the R142

  8. yes this is true i am collaborating with him to make paper trains and ill be sure to put you as one of the first in priority since you have been nice :cool:

  9. Hello 4P3607 if you probably didnt notice i am Novabus0055 on Youtube and would like to say i am impressed by your layout

  10. Hello Frankie12345 i am pleased to have you on the forum as you may know i make paperbuses and have the same capabilities to do that with trains

    I would like your permission to use youre trains and make them into papertrains and also post them on the forum

    and im oscar

  11. sure i think i can and what bus model would you like if i may ask

  12. look at the new thread i made in the arts section i think you will like it

  13. your articulated bus is up as for the NG Novabus5000 is incharge

  14. Dear Orion V 4474 i am deeply sorry for your order of paperbuses being unattended and i will post your buses up tonight


    Regards akamtabx36

  15. Dear Mr Gregory Grice i apologize that your paper bus order has been delayed and later today or tomorrow you will have your paperbuses on the custom paperbus thread

    regards akamtabx36

  16. do you work at 126 st depot

  17. do you still have the shoreliners if so for how much can i buy em

  18. hi welcome to the forum

  19. your bus is ready

  20. do you have to take a test to work as cleaning person at the depot and can you be 18

  21. a cleaner at west farms i have many friends at west farms

  22. gimie ur email so i can send it to u

  23. :cool: u got good frends if they helped u :tup:

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