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  1. The diagonal arrangement of the headlights is also slightly shallower on the R179.
  2. No, the rejected design looks like the one in your avatar, because the mockup from years back looked like that. That would mean this is a NEW design. Seems we're both fond of cool, angular, yet rejected designs lol. Although, if they just wanted updated R160s why not Kawasaki? I wouldn't mind if they threw Bombardier a bone with the propulsion, though. Everybody would have been satisfied.
  3. So, the more angular design was rejected? It was cool but seemed like form over function. That looks like a cross between the initial design and an R160. Far more practical.
  4. It doesn't seem as angular as the trucked one or the mock up for the front either, more like an updated R160. Wasn't that mock up from a couple years back? I'm thinking the angular face was part of the rejected design and we're seeing the final design now. The angular version looks heavier, maybe that's one of the reasons the first test train got rejected.
  5. Some shots of the mockup including cab. Credit: Rong Vo
  6. But has it been revised? Maybe the car being trucked was from the rejected test train?
  7. Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 8.32.52 PM Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 8.33.11 PM Looks like they've reverted to the R160 look for the front bonnet, judging from the top picture. The mockup looked like the one in the (apparently flipped) lower photo. Anyone know more about this?
  8. Because saying it's bad elevates it to art? Everyone tells these vandals what they do is 100% illegal , I'd like them to know their work is atrocious as well.
  9. Old school and funky fresh... NOT!!! Not even good graffiti.
  10. There were originally going to be 290 cars: 40 in 4-car sets to replace the R42s at ENY and 250 in 5-car sets to replace the R32s. The number changed to 300 in an unspecified configuration, and you would think that just means two more 5-car sets for one more 10-car train. That seemed to make the most sense. However, many people seem to know that the configuration will be 260 4-car and 40 5-car even though 8 goes into 260 32.5 times That's 65 4-car sets which leaves a half train. Not impossible but quirky, maybe.
  11. Finally. Rapid transit technology that competes with the rest of the world! The only problem is the fact that this kind of infrastructure is far more costly to implement here than practically anywhere else on the globe.
  12. Speaking of Church Ave, I took a rerouted from 7th Ave to Church via the at about 10:30 AM today.
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