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  1. I read the report as well...... I agree with you all the way....
  2. First off, my condolences to Train Operator Goble family and coworkers. Working the (2) line as a conductor when I first started Transit, 110-CPN station is a station that I felt uncomfortable when stopping there. The layout with the exits and all... Just like 72nd pre rehab.... I know it's been said here a few times, but to those "enthusiasts " worrying whether a trainset will be able to return to service, "Eat a d*** between two slices of bread....
  3. Looks like the Q3 and Q83 are flipped north of Murdock...
  4. http://liherald.com/stories/officials-residents-push-to-restore-n36-bus-route-that-served-lynbrook-east-rockaway,121069
  5. Well, my former routes in Brooklyn are : B12,14,17,45, and 46. The only thing I see is that B14/45 combo. If the combo does not work out, then the B14 to Rockaway Blvd. Also see B17 E. 80th Street becoming a route of it own, possibly combined with another route....
  6. Thanks bro. Appreciate it. Hate to see what they do to my former routes in Brooklyn...
  7. I'm trying to see how my former routes in Queens (Q3, 77, 111, 113, and 114) are affected....
  8. What is the difference between the new version of the (Bx25) and the one that was discontinued a few years ago?
  9. I figured as much. Since the reconstruction on Springfield Blvd, I've seen a few buses that couldn't make that U turn down there at 145th Road. There were few changes in the area traffic wise once the reconstruction was done.....
  10. A change that wasn't mentioned was the Q77 terminal change in Springfield Gardens. Is this also permanent or just for the summer?
  11. Yep. I normally get the 11:02 train to Huntington which goes straight to Jamaica instead of the 11:05pm Babylon local which makes connection to the Far Rockaway train. There was a sick customer aboard the Huntington, so the Babylon train went first. We followed the Babylon all the way to Jamaica instead of running around on the "express" track... Some people take the 11:02 because the 11:05 is usually SRO.... Quite a few people missed that connection........
  12. I remember that buses went through the parade(late 80s to mid 90s). I remember the NYPD stop the parade traffic and the B46 would continue through Eastern Pkwy to its destination. However, the B14/17 always stop short of the Utica Ave terminal for obvious reasons.....
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