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  1. Those links are actally subway signs but the 6 sign is in fixed eye mode i just wanted to say.
  2. This is a good fourm im not stealing anyones signs!so dont say :lock:
  3. http://http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af323/aahd2/aa1041440605-iaza.gifhttp://http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af323/aahd2/tttt1539320154-iaza.gifExamples.
  4. can i have my sign please

  5. actally you can do the messge changing clorors its really cool.just put To Woodlawn and change the colors of the messge it would be asowme!
  6. Ok Irt Bronx Express teach me if you want this fourm to be good.
  7. The Only way i can do this is:http://[/img]
  8. Harry please close out knight rider,melvin,broadway local from the thread and dont close the thread.
  9. Look Knight rider you need to stop i dont want to be like melvin or lance etc i just want to do this.
  10. And now i can do the computer type mode.
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