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  1. can i have my sign please

  2. now i have charge bus signs here i come!

  3. i dont have charge in my computer give me 1 hr and a half please

  4. Hey Can you make me a sign that says: To Woodlawn Part Time to 6th ave Weekdays from 10:00 to 11:0 from burnside ave to Grand Central-42 Street.Late nights take for manhatten service.thanks
  5. I dont usally make these but i had some spare time on my hands so:http://[/img]
  6. Actally Since I decided to do the (X) Sign Well i have to say it came out preety good:[/img]
  7. Why Dont You Because Harry Is Gonna Ban You Form The Webistite.:lock:

  8. Nice Signs!They Are Really Good!May I get one saying 4 Woodlawn,Express thanks!
  9. Why Not?Um....IrtBronxExpress and Yankee I am Really sorry about what i said.i was just beging a Fool.I guess that means no sign for me....:cry:but if you do want to make it for me that you forgive me its okay you can make the one i told you about if i desrve it.so are we still friends?

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