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  1. I'm not saying Hillary hasn't flipped on issues in the past, but I'd rather vote for a presidential team that supports LGBT rights and marriage equality than a campaign that opposes it (the icing on the cake being Mike Pence's belief that gay people can be "cured" with shock therapy).
  2. Oh really? I honestly understand the frustration felt by those who have lost manufacturing jobs. I come from a blue-collar family after all. But there were other issues at stake in this election. I'm able to check off a couple of "minority" boxes, but let's just focus on the LGBT part for now. I work in law in Manhattan and was recently offered a position in North Carolina for a top law firm. I had to reject that offer because North Carolina, along with 30 other states in the country, can legally fire me if they were to ever find out about my sexual orientation. With marriage equality being the law of the land, I could get married on Sunday and fired on Monday. Ms. Clinton supports the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, which would prevent this from happening. Meanwhile, Mr. Trump and his Republican-led Congress will make sure nothing like this will ever pass under their rule. I guess the anger and monumental disappointment I'm feeling right now makes me a "crybaby". Sent from my iPhone using NYC Transit Forums mobile app
  3. Speaking of updates, trains can apparently still transfer to the at Herald Square. Sent from my iPhone using NYC Transit Forums mobile app
  4. The PATH is subject to federal railroad regulations (such as with equipment testing and cleanliness) since it used to have a track switch to Amtrak.
  5. My friend who works for the PA tells me that relations between them and the MTA soured after the MTA refused to shut down service to South Ferry while the WTC Oculus was being constructed, causing the PA to spend an extra $335 million to build around it. I'm not surprised that the PA is making the MTA wait.
  6. Not between the and the , but there's definitely a desire for additional connections between the Broadway and the 8th Ave. Lines. Transferring from the / in Astoria to the through Times Square is kind of a joke -- it's faster to do an out-of-system transfer between 57th/7th and Columbus Circle (which a lot of people do daily). I'm not sure if the City Hall transfer would really address this issue, but open to any ideas that would better connect the two lines. Sent from my iPhone using NYC Transit Forums mobile app
  7. I'm up for it if others are (especially if you're talking about the first leaving Ditmars). I guess we'll have to see. They had Charlie Pellett replace the pre-2010 train weekday announcement for Union Square after the was eliminated, even though it was identical to the train weekend announcement.
  8. These notices are also popping up along the Broadway Line:
  9. It's not at 28th as of today, and I haven't seen them yet at any Manhattan/Queens station. I can say that 23rd Street's station entrances have also been replaced with the / signs. I think they're looking to have the entrance signs reflect how they're listed on the November 2016 map (depicting only weekday service, i.e. R.W).
  10. Not exactly. The new signage doesn't have the listed anymore. (Once I figure out how to upload a photo in this forum, I'll add it to this page lol.)
  11. West End

    28th Street

    New train signage
  12. I just read this following update to the train Wikipedia page: "N trains that currently short-turn at 57th Street will be extended to 96th Street using the Second Avenue Subway when it opens." The document it cites (Sub-Division B Train Operator/Conductor Road & Non-Road Work Programs - In Effect: 11/6/16) checks out: https://progressiveaction.files.wordpress.com/2016/08/sub-division-b-general-distribution-fall-2016-wp-book.pdf I guess some N-train-to-Second-Ave. foamers can now rejoice.
  13. The new PATH construction schedule has been released, and I don't understand why the intra-state line between Journal Square and Hoboken runs more often (every 12 minutes) than the train running between Newark Penn Station and WTC (every 20). I can barely grasp by this line exists. Is there really that much of a passenger load between Jersey City and Hoboken?
  14. The / Cortlandt Street stop connected directly to the underground WTC Concourse pre-9/11. My sister used this as a teenager to get to high school. The downtown platform was ADA-accessible because it had a small ramp that led straight into the mall. (The uptown platform connected to WTC through a corridor underneath the tracks, similar to the downtown platform at Canal Street.) Sent from my iPhone using NYC Transit Forums mobile app

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