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  1. http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/mta-clerk-refuses-cops-pursuit-shoplifter-article-1.3174084 What was this guy thinking ? Could he lose his job over this ?
  2. http://www.mta.info/status/subway/ACE/24866075 Following an earlier incident at 34 St-Herald Sq, , , , , , and train service has resumed with extensive delays. Anyone know what happened ? How can service be affected at both the 8th and 6th avenue lines ?
  3. http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/brooklyn/breakdancers-pummel-commuter-refusing-room-nyc-train-article-1.2980726 Sheesh.....
  4. If the man had a medical condition that prompted feelings of fatigue or drowsiness could that get him off the hook ?
  5. Not to drag this off topic but a news report claimed the engineer was making over 100K in salary with overtime. Just out of curiosity how much money do MTA train engineers make ?
  6. I doubt an employer would fire someone for arriving late when the system has clearly been thrown in chaos by this accident.Now if you've been late before and you're on thin ice with your boss then its a different story. Commuter trains will always have technical issues and delays. The LIRR also has issues despite massive investments in new cars and infrastructure. I'm sure other regional transit systems also have their problems.
  7. In the US aviation industry criminalizing accidents is generally frowned upon but in Europe it is much more common. Have any train crews in recent years been prosecuted for their role in accidents ?
  8. Considering that this was one of the first trains of the day, could fatigue have been a factor ?
  9. 82 miles an hour ? Good God. If this turns out to be human error his career is finished....
  10. I agree with this idea 100% I truly despise people who eat smelly greasy crap on the subway and then toss it under the seat or on station platforms. Why do you think we have so many rat problems down there ? There is no way the MTA will ever be able to enforce it but I still applaud any efforts to clean up the subway. Oh and about people having hectic schedules and not having time to eat at home... Tough, either eat at home or arrive at work a few minutes early and chow down your meal there, just keep it off the damm train and buses :mad::mad::mad:
  11. Thanks for the replies. So do these foamers consist mostly of teenagers or older railfans as well ?
  12. Hello everybody ! Just decided to join this great site and I've noticed there is a constant reference to ''foamers'' especially when it comes to discussing the nostalgia fantrips. Just wondered what exactly does that term mean. ....
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