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  1. Coney Island yard only spared two sets of 160’s to Pitkin?! They should’ve sent them R46’s 😛
  2. They’re still managing to use the R143’s.
  3. Thank You. Crews miss the “New tech” on those lines however, They didn’t notice that a few sets were sent to Pitkin as they are used to having 1 R160 throughout their whole tour anyway.
  4. 9663-9667 is mated with 9333-9337. I forgot what 9563-9567 is coupled to.
  5. In short, the sets get rotated between yards. Pitkin doesn’t carry R160 parts IIRC, So those R160’s get sent back to Jamaica in exchange for a recently inspected unit. Another “Cuomo” refurbished set 9567-9563 is on the . Also 9667-9663 is on the Along with 9163-9167/9183-9187 as a coupled set.
  6. Also 9053-9057 is back at Coney Island. It’s also on the
  7. 8928-8932/8918-8922 at Coney Island. Currently on the
  8. With that inventory, the Siemens R160 transfers maybe then can be uniformed. End result transfer: Jamaica 8843-9012, then Coney Island 9013-9102. (I hope I got the count right)
  9. If anyone is interested, another Siemens set was added to the line; R160B 8958-8962/8858-8862
  10. More like a 70-80% chance. There’s 17 sets of them in service with 190 cars If I remember correctly.
  11. The units in Bold are at Jamaica. They were on the today.
  12. There’s one set of 160’s in service on the right now to Lefferts. 9117 and friends.
  13. I get that some of you have no girlfriends or real life responsibilities that doesn’t enable you to sit behind a screen and try to follow everything transit as if it’s a cure to cancer. Nobody called me out, if I’m incorrect, then so be it. There’s erasers on pencils and there’s white out for ink. Nobody sat and thought, maybe he was misinformed. Nobody sat and thought, things are really subject to change especially last minute contingency plans. Finally those of you acting like virtual wifi keyboard thugs, grow up, go outside and get fresh air. There’s people dying out there NEEDLESSLY if you wanna be mad about something...
  14. Who the hell is acting!? And why are you so pressed? I work for the agency-I provide what I can. Not once have I made a claim that “I know everything” grow up, and find a real hobby, because this ain’t it.
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