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  1. The R32’s will be running less and as spares. There’s more than enough R179’s and R46 to make RELIABLE service.
  2. I’m glad you mentioned it because I literally was just gonna reference that document.
  3. There’s way too many 4-car sets, the surplus R179’s are either staying at 207th Street or going to Coney Island for crosstown CBTC in the future.
  4. Anyone know if the agency keeps conductors on the same line or they move them around from line to line? Also, is it each day a different subway line? I’m trying to make a decision between A division and B division. I rather work on 7 different lines than to work 14 different lines.
  5. Some may feel like it’s a waste but these are needed just like the “Do not hold doors” and “Do not lean on doors” stickers. Main reason; Lawsuit prevention. So now if someone walks in between cars while the train is in motion, and gets hurt or killed, the Tranist authority isnt liable. Their defense will be “Rules/regulations and signage” citation would state something like this “Plaintiff failed to abide or acted in negligence”
  6. To piggyback off his question, on the second day, what articles of uniform is provided to us? And also I have my own - police officer navy blue cargo pants, could That be acceptable in the future?
  7. I’m still really surprised by the amount of people on this forum who’s gonna be in my class. Congratulations to All of you! And I Can’t wait to meet all of you and become coworkers. Just Remain Focused, positive attitude, and ask Questions.
  8. Anyone know roughly the ratio of potential conductors who pass versus fail the Final exam in school car? I hear most people pass, but my concern is what would cause someone to fail?
  9. Anyone know when they’ll start calling list Numbers in the 9xxx for conductors ? Asking for a friend
  10. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
  11. What’s really a “sick passenger”?? Everyone Can’t have the same conditions delaying service... I’m starting to believe these “sick passengers” are paid by the MTA for cover gaps in service due to equipment failure or inadequatibility... two days in a row at the same station at or around the same time on the Jamaica bound there was a “sick passenger” I don’t buy it. And quite frankly I strongly believe these “sick passengers” should be attended to at the end of the line and not enroute. Maybe it will deter other sick people to stay the hell off the trains. And I wonder why there’s rarely any “sick” passengers on our buses. 🤔
  12. Generally asking, are any of you rail fans? Like trains? How did you hear about Nyctransitforums? I’m curious to gain a bit of perspective as to who my classmates will be.
  13. Is there a school car thread for conductors?
  14. That’s good, If you’re not in the April 1 class which I think you should be; but if not you’re Up Next.

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