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  1. The wasn’t officially planned for full length trains because of the R179 surplus. With the origami plan, the was going to be assigned majority of R46’s while the would’ve been dominated by R32’s. The full length will come when R211’s arrive.
  2. It should have been “BWAY-BKLYN LOCAL” as they programmed with the when it ran to Broadway Jct.
  3. It’s actually sitting at 207th Street yard.
  4. You’re acting like one dude, chill out. You have rights to your opinion but your commenting on a PUBLIC forum. Some of the content you share may be offensive or downright banter. Here we hold a bit of a higher standard with relevant and coherent thoughts and sources, or suggestions. So please chill, read some threads, research MTA history and politics, understand that this here is also a community. Thanks.
  5. If the R179’s on the are performing well, I don’t see why East New York Can’t run them in service very soon.
  6. As soon as I find out, I will let you and everyone know.
  7. If you have the choice, choose A division. Also schedules are broken down into three tours; AM, PM, and Midnights. There’s no “End time” per say but there’s Start times (as a probationary) so example is; if you’re on the AM tour, you can potentially start your trip anywhere from 4am up to 11:59am. School car is the only event that you are scheduled 7a-3p, 9a-5p, and 3p-11p for six weeks.
  8. June/July 2019 for C/R school car.
  9. So 3070-3073 went to East New York ?
  10. This is what happens when “white privilege” fails...
  11. That’s good, Livonia usually cleans their cars anyway. I’m curious to see 240th Street’s cars deep cleaned; as they are the dirtiest R62A’s in the system. Side note; Westchester puts their cars through the car wash every night.
  12. Saw it as well. I think they’re going to stay at 207th.
  13. Corona’s cars had gotten them first. Then Jamaica followed suit (adding them to dirty cars of course) Corona’s deep cleaned cars had them put on; As the way it should be IMO.

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