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  1. I’m aware of that! I didn’t say “they’re going to run 600 ft trains as OPTO. I guess some of you just have a 4th grade reading level with zero common sense. I see I gotta break things down into bits so that some of you who don’t have anything better to do but to criticize one’s post.
  2. There’s been two sets roaming around, but as crews start dropping like leaves in the dead of autumn, the next plan is to have the OPTO 24/7
  3. More than half those people don’t look like First responders or “Essential” employees. Plus the trains are small and running on 20-30 minute headways as opposed to the normal 6-12 minute headways.
  4. There were a couple of trains that made it to Brooklyn in 2013-2016
  5. The R32 fleet is NOT retired. For the final time, these cars are put ins. (Substitute, supplement, and spares) most are being stored and some are stripped or awaiting stripping of parts.
  6. The line seems like its 80 percent new tech with the new modified schedule amidst this Coronavirus outbreak and less and less crews coming to work. No R32’s in service for the foreseeable future by the way.
  7. I noticed a pattern. On weekends it’s highly likely to spot R32’s on the and potentially 1-2 on the the R179s are in the Barn A lot.
  8. They’re being kept around. May not always be in service but there’s still plenty on property.
  9. Hey, be advised that the R32’s are not the priority fleet assignment for the They’re now considered supplemental equipment used as spare/put ins. There’s 108 cars available in rotation for service. I don’t Know where anyone got “58” cars left in service. That’s inaccurate.
  10. That’s all Astoria had was 3-4 between the and
  11. @Calvin is correct and yes there’s about 108 cars that are active. There’s been a few cars that have been stripped for parts indeed. I’m going to leave y’all with a hint. 3381 doesn’t have rollsigns... carry on.
  12. Whom ever made up that rumor about the R32’s being down to 80 cars is a tool. The consists listed on the so called retired list are IN SERVICE as I type. I operated in them. 3894/3895 etc!
  13. The Open gangway R211’s can send off the Siemens from Jamaica to 207th Street.
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