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  1. Every single line runs in accordance to the timetables. (They run light) but it STILL runs on SCHEDULE.
  2. The SIR R211’s are not going to be four digit numbering.
  3. This overnight closure should be permanent.
  4. I’m still trying to figure out how they came up with transferring SPECIFIC units, as such 9833-9922 and not a “mixed bag”... as if it was written somewhere stating that Coney Island yard Needs R160B’s or the highest numbered R160 sets from Jamaica Yard.
  5. The is going to be CBTC in the near future. Losing 9 sets of 160’s is not gonna hurt the line, however, the is supposed to have the R179’s for Crosstown CBTC.... I can see why some posts suggest sending R160’s to Coney Island Yard because it’s what that yard has and maintained before.
  6. The Former Jamaica R46’s are worn out due to running on long lines for so long with basic maintenance. Sending R46’s to Pitkin just because “they know how to maintain them” solves nothing, you’ll have the same problems with the same cars. Assignment of R46’s to the solves nothing as well, because if these cars are failing Due to “poor maintenance” at Coney Island yard then those cars will perform poorly on the and R46’s WILL STILL appear on the and as the way R68A’s make their appearance. Optimal maintenance of the cars are needed if they have the money for it, but they do not. And whether the has new cars or not holds no bearing to what their customers “deserve”. The R32’s could serve as spare service fillers but that’s it, even with that, there’s labor and maintenance. The Agency is cash strapped and consequently these cars are used to make 100 percent service.
  7. This is New York City Transit we’re talking about here. Most the people behind the scenes never took the subway or even know anything about subway car maintenance. How many good decisions did they make when it came down to car assignments or equipment planning? What I’m getting at is, don’t expect practical things from transit.
  8. That’s not the best, they would have to train and qualify crews for just 13 trainsets of R179’s. They don’t have the time and money to make such a move. The best thing is to use the layups at Stillwell yard.
  9. The R32’s Can’t run on the or anymore especially due to the pandemic. They can send all of them to East New York. The line can spare all their R179’s for service.
  10. 12-13 sets are still “oddball” because it doesn’t even come close to making up half the fleet.
  11. Car equipment has to come to some sort of agreement and spare 200 R160’s for and service, the same way they did when the R179’s were out of service.
  12. Looking like Coney Island yard needs more cars. The R46 on the plan was shot down. The R46’s are really crapping out left and right.
  13. MTA didn’t update the R179’s at all. None of them have the Wear a Mask announcement program either.
  14. All the R160’s have been on the which freed up R68A’s for the it’s not permanent, it just got assigned that way with A.M. put ins. But yes the R46’s run on the shorter lines such as the and however, I don’t Know for certain if there is a serious issue with the R46’s but they’ve definitely been performing poorly and have been taken out of service countless times.
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