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  1. Depends on the time of day. If it’s off peak, RCC will inform the conductor to cut out the door in Question. If it’s an electrical issue, the train instantly gets taken Out of service. If it’s rush hour, RCC quickly informs the conductor to discharge the train, in efforts to keep service close to schedule.
  2. They don’t go via Sea Beach line via yard. The B and Q put ins are stored on A-D tracks at Stillwell yard and operate via the D from there onto 3/4 track into Stillwell from the west end direction. Usually the R160’s for the Q are at the Coney Island yard section adjacent to the Culver yard though, so the move isn’t hindering the flood protection work. The work is being done on the bypass tracks that via Stillwell yard into Stillwell terminal.
  3. They can learn how to ride a bike if it’s an issue.
  4. The assignment is practically half&half for the except the R179’s run more in rotation since the needs the R160’s as a priority. They’re not trying to have R179’s on the . You’ll see more R160’s on the during weekends since R179’s get inspected rigorously during off peak and weekend days. Same goes for the you’ll see more R32’s on the road during the weekend but weekdays it’s almost half R179 and Half R32.
  5. 600ft cars just to serve CPW? That is what the local is for. I’ve never operated a that had heavy ridership except for running along CPW. On 8 Avenue, riders bail for the . The is fine with 8 car trains at the moment. As for the they need the 480ft consists at least on weekdays.
  6. There’s 1-2 on the typically. Apparently there’s 1 R68A assigned to the now and there’s usually 1-2 sets of R68A’s on the
  7. The has been using 1 R68A recently.
  8. So nobody caught that R160 train today? Just left 25 Avenue at 2:45pm Car Numbers 9117-9113. (Most likely a rerouted train though).
  9. During the week I usually see 3-4 sets of R32’s on weekends there is either one set or none at all.
  10. But my argument still stands, the trains are Empty even on sixth Avenue. People are STILL taking the train. After the project is complete, no need to send ’s to 96th ever.
  11. I don’t Know where you heard that from, those ‘s to/from 96th are Empty and still confuses Riders. It’s a waste of money if you ask me. Crews sit around for three hours then do a trip or trip and a half then sit around for another hour and a half or deadhead to a storage facility. The to 96 G.O. Is only popular on the weekends serving 6th Avenue only. There’s more trains than there are and trains and that too is frustrating riders. I ALWAYS have customers ask if the or is running.
  12. 7 more sets need to be delivered, by the time that draws near to complete, we’d be in January 2020.
  13. They should’ve had 9 by now. Bombardier is really producing slow. It’s sad.
  14. Yes, R188’s weighs much more than R62A’s.

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