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  1. 7 more sets need to be delivered, by the time that draws near to complete, we’d be in January 2020.
  2. They should’ve had 9 by now. Bombardier is really producing slow. It’s sad.
  3. Yes, R188’s weighs much more than R62A’s.
  4. That’s All it has. The AC flow in there sucks.
  5. 3 sets in active service. 4 sets in rotation.
  6. Software issues. They’re getting around to the R179 sets.
  7. They’ve canned the yellow looped bars especially after numerous complaints from car cleaners and RCI’s that the paint chipping is out of hand. Jamaica’s cars are getting these silver looped stanchions in addition to LED lights. As far as floor mats, that plan has been canceled as well.
  8. Dispatch sends out 2-3 sets of R68A’s for the and 1-2 sets on the and last Month there was an R68 put-in on the . Crews are never happy to see these cars rolling into Ditmars or 96th Street-2Av.
  9. Looking back at the R32’s and R62s I see they have a history of inconsistency. 🙄🤦‍♂️
  10. R179’s are getting their “kinks” ironed out. East New York’s R160’s are NOT getting deep cleaned yet til All of Jamaica’s R160’s get inspected and cleaned. Dispatch uses an R42 for rush service or to meet service demands. Sometimes the NTT’s sitting in the yard means, it’s been vandalized and awaiting cleaning or due for maintenance... BACK TO THE R179 10 car sets. 3278-3282 and 3283-3287 are at Pitkin barn awaiting more Burn in testing. 3277-3273 and 3268-3272 will see service sometime next week or the following there after since its third rail power issue has been resolved.
  11. 9423-9427 also has these looped poles and LED lights now. No floor mats. Looking like Jamaica’s R160’s will be the odd ball R160’s
  12. Dude, enough with the R42. We all know East New York has them, we know what they look like, we all know Transit utilizes them WHENEVER NECESSARY. Please Stop Trolling.
  13. I heard that set was bombed up and the chemical they use to remove spray paint would’ve melted the wrap, so they removed it, same with 9242-9238
  14. I don’t Know What’s with the inconsistency, but i guess their putting their state funding into something. 🤷🏽‍♂️

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