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  1. I’d like to see that unfold...
  2. Chairman Foye isn’t gonna let that happen.
  3. I don’t Know where anyone got the impression or factual information that the will be a Ditmars to BayRidge line or the being short turned at Whitehall...
  4. I’m curious to know why they’ve sent the same pairs back to these yards. An R42 is an R42... the same consists are returning to their position as per roster.
  5. Fair observation. I understand the math better. In final, retiring R42s and most R32’s right now is indeed detrimental.
  6. The R179’s are not the R44’s replacement. The R32’s were.
  7. East New York can use the Surplus R143’s for service. The yard has more than enough spares, especially when the L project is complete. East New York only really needed 6 sets of trains to replace the R42’s. They got 6 surplus with the R179 order.
  8. And? The R46 requires the end doors to be unlocked with a Vapor key, and in the unlock position the key doesn’t come out... The train operator can not unlock the doors from his position then go to the other end of the train, to then relay back into the terminal; he would have to then dump The train, go back to the rear section of the train-turn the key to relock all the End doors, then walk back to his original position... TOO MUCH WORK, time consuming. Especially if the train is a lay up.
  9. Partially, the main reason is the Relays at 168. Switchmen jobs were cut so R46 equipment can’t be double ended. Therefore, R179/R32 equipment is ideal for the line for single person relays.
  10. Mere prediction I assume because the from Ditmars To BayRidge is almost the same Run time as the from Continental Av-Forest Hills to BayRidge.
  11. The has a shit ton of 46’s still and car equipment still assigns R46’s on the during the day. The had 6 sets of R160’s today. The still has their new tech trains, just not as many.
  12. Negative. 8445-8448 has all its original specs. I believe that’s the ONLY R160 unit that got completely neglected. No LEDs, Door mats, or looped stanchions.
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