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  1. That set has been at Coney Island since May. And the R179’s slide when it rains. There were quite a few station overruns on the recently even today.
  2. A division is easier the only downside is MOST the jobs start in The Bronx.
  3. Sometimes the new tech needs to be cleaned or inspected. They use those R42’s as they see fit to meet accurate service demands.
  4. The 33xx-36xx series is coincidental I believe. And yes Jamaica trashed up the R32’s. East New York and Pitkin were the only two yards to maintain those cars. Coney Island without a doubt took care of their R32’s when they had them years ago
  5. Those Express trains are gonna get held at Church by the and some Local ’s 🤦🏽‍♂️ Let’s see if it breaks 3 and a half minutes worth of time savings.
  6. Then the R179 car order would’ve been a 300 car 10 car order. Now we have a botched order and odd balls roaming around.
  7. One of the crew members or a “railfan” keeps signing up R32 C trains as Diamond C trains, which reads: “Concourse-8 Av/Fulton” 😑
  8. There’s an R160 tagged up every day. I kept telling them not to lay those trains up there but their response is, “where else can we put them?”
  9. Correct. The software issue with the R179’s are currently being corrected. They’re also now looking into the door motors as C/Rs have complained about.
  10. There was an R68 on the today (July 1st) 😱😱😱😱😱
  11. Refer to R179 Discussion thread Please.

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