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  1. VIP

    R32 and R46 going to the B Line???

    Who told you this or are you just assuming? Because most these assignments make no sense. Even though the MTA does make stupid decisions 9 times out of 10, doesn’t mean I expect anyone on here’s theory as to how operation will facilitate.
  2. Meanwhile they Store trains between Bowery And Canal Street where the Cars get more bombed up.
  3. He’s correct. They’re using R32’s on the much more than the these days because of maintenance and spare factors.
  4. VIP

    R179 Discussion Thread

    I think the is going to have the R179’s for awhile...
  5. VIP

    R188 Discussion Thread

    I just thought that the R188 (Factory Sets) lighting is what made the cars look glossy but its actually their windows. I don’t Know if its the Mylar or the glass itself, but look carefully, they have a Tint. It’s like a light indigo color.
  6. VIP

    R179 Discussion Thread

    I think people are just “zeroing” in at the fact that these cars were delivered extremely late. They’re using the delayed order as Ammo to point out flaws in the cars. I’m sure in time, they’ll be fine, and reliable.
  7. The is loosing R160’s quite rapidly. 😧
  8. 8652-8649 & 8644-8641 are at East New York, and on the as of this morning.
  9. VIP

    R179 Discussion Thread

    The program was just added from the R160/R143’s to the 179s. The program is the only program on the Jamaica line the Spells out EXPRESS as opposed to the older program that reads “JAMAICA EXP”
  10. I really don’t see feasibility in R32’s to Coney Island... I think 207th is where they’re going to stay and retire. Those R42’s Probably will end up at 207th as well. Coney Island has enough cars. The has to get those 8-car R160’s from East New York and that will free up as many as 7 sets of R68’s. Reason being, the R179 4-car order is More than enough for service and has a surplus of spares at East New York with R160’s from the and the R143’s from the And If Coney Island is sending their R160Bs to Jamaica, it’s going to be an even swap from R46 to R160 set by set. So again, why would R32’s need to be transferred out of 207th??
  11. VIP

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    The and were pretty much dominated by R179’s today. What still has me stumped is why those raggedy R143’s are running on the Jamaica line. Don’t get me started with those R42’s either.
  12. Whoaaa calm down buddy lol.
  13. But if the keeps getting the R179’s the R42’s have to stay at East New York. Unless its 1 R179 delivered for 1 R160 transfer...
  14. Explains why passengers are seeing More R32’s on the


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