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  1. With list 3600 being extended till 12/19/2019 we probably will hear something a bit before then, I'd say around early to mid December we should get our official results.
  2. Young's probably going to write a whole paragraph about what number they probably going to get to, referencing past exams, throwing some basic equations, etc.. My best guess is around the 5xxx range is what they'll get up to if they don't extend it.
  3. The civil database where all lists are published. Young posted a link somewhere in this thread.
  4. The list has been extended till 12/19, which means more people should be getting the chance at this tittle off of 3600.
  5. I heard the 5000 range was as far as they went.
  6. OA isn't civil service so you wouldn't be able to transfer into RTO. If you were a TA Operator you would've been able to take a promotion test to T/O. Subways isn't for everyone and I do know a few B/O that went to T/O and went right back to their former title. It's not for everyone. I'm not sure if you can go back to O/A if you leave and try T/O through open competitive, but if you were B/O and you past your probation, went onto to T/O and failed the training, you could always return to your former title since you past probation.
  7. This thread will probably be dead till around Late January/Early Feburary. The next class should be scheduled for February as that is the current rumor.
  8. 898 was last appointed, 15xx pre employment, and 5000 for the OPA
  9. Training is full time, you're only able to work out of the spring creek depot cause the union got jipped. Lines are B100, B103, BM1, BM2, BM3, BM4, BM5. You can transfer to full time after 6 months if I'm not mistaken.
  10. Next class should be in February as I've said on the last page, ya'll thought I was joking lol.
  11. A MTA employee who heard it from someone above him, you know how these things are.
  12. Current rumor on the street is no classes till February, last class only had around 24 people so it makes sense. Now we wait.
  13. You're not going to get a letter for a little while, you don't have to worry about that right now. They're going to hit around the 2,000 mark before they send it out to you.
  14. I honestly don't know, they've held classes every month since the list got established. It just goes by the hiring needs of the agency at this point.
  15. You'll get called, it's just going to be a while, last appointed was 898 and we're only 7 months into the list.

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