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  1. Then I probably saw you without you even knowing it lmfao.. They told us everything has been put on hold. There was supposed to be a class going in on the 30th but, it was postponed until further notice.
  2. I'm in the March 16th class, and as far as my buddy told me he made it into the March 30th class. After that I don't know.
  3. Who knows, I report to Zerega on Monday lol.
  4. Right but they haven't had a class go in since mid 2018. Between mid 2018 and now they haven't replaced anyone that quit/retired/fired/promoted etc, what I'm getting at is what happens to gangs when they go down in manpower and their slots haven't been replaced.
  5. Question, I spoke to a Track Worker who was getting promoted to Ms1 a few days ago and he told me his seniority went down 400. I'm assuming they've closed the cleaning gangs that were created with Subway Action Plan. If you have 400 less workers down there right now, what's going on with the gangs in terms of staffing.
  6. Made it into the March 16th class, list number 6x
  7. Good stuff, I go for medical tomorrow also. How long were you there today?
  8. I'm 6x, I was called back in October but had to postpone.
  9. Got an email for medical this week for the March 16 class.
  10. Saw a bunch of people doing PE for this and 7612 today. Next class is Monday, and another on the 16th.
  11. You can't consolidate two separate civil service lists, it's literally illegal lol. What's probably going on (what I assume) they don't want to release the new list until they already have a secondary list on standby because the first list is so short as they claim (less then 80 people). Your list will come out FIRST and will they will hire off your list FIRST. It's just a waiting game now, unless your name is DCAS you don't believe any rumors.
  12. Awesome 👏🏼 congrats! 

  13. Got the call to come in on Thursday for PE
  14. I'm in the process for NJT Assistant Conductor, I took the test and was given my results within a week. Then they invite you to an interview if you pass (which is the step I'm currently at). I actually have my interview coming up this week.
  15. Ok, Good luck on your test Wednesday. It's both Math and Reading so hopefully you'll do well.
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