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  1. Kind of lol, depends on your job at the railroad. You can always move to a different position if you so choose to, plus you have RR retirement, the city will give you T6 63/10.
  2. LIST ESTABLISHED, CHECK THE CIVIL SERVICE DATABASE GOOD LUCK BROS https://data.cityofnewyork.us/City-Government/Civil-Service-List-Active-/vx8i-nprf/data
  3. They just had a class go in on the 6th off exam 7300.
  4. When you go if you could find out the next class date por favor
  5. My boy got called for PE for the 21st, his list number is 8xx
  6. Call again cause you should've been in a class like earlier this year.
  7. What's your list number ranger? One of my co-workers with a 7XXX just got a letter to come into a physical and he scored way below 104.5
  8. They rarely update the terminated list, last time it was updated was November 1st, also they can't extend 3600 since it expired.
  9. Exam 3600 expired as of today with no new list being published yet from 8600 or the promotional 8704. Wondering how long it will take till they publish one.
  10. Full Time, the exam title would've specified if it was part time or not. Also with the new pending MTA contract all part time operating titles were squashed.
  11. Yes, they did extend the list till 2021 according to the civil service open data list.
  12. Honestly, if you have any write ups at work they may use it against you. If you really did leave on good terms then no, they won't try and mess with you.
  13. Went down there, filled out some paperwork. I was 2nd in line with the jacket and glasses, got a paper saying to come back when my license is 3 years old which is in Feburary, so a short wait.
  14. The 14th is Columbus Day and the beginning of a Jewish Holiday as well, maybe that's why?
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