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  1. 5000s and that was a year ago, I doubt they'll call past 5000 anyway tbh.
  2. Few years? We're only behind 1 exam (7105) and they're almost done with it, probably at the end of this year/early next year they'll start calling off this list.
  3. You can work any garage in any borough except for depots designated under MTA Bus.
  4. Lol, we're trying to protect you if anything. I know guys that went down to labor relations and they had screenshots of these forums. Also the guy that quoted you originally is now a TSS so he knows what time it is.
  5. But the majority of people that post here don't seem to understand that 2 Broadway screenshots half this shit and brings it to the table during labor relations.
  6. Yeah man, literally every post above you lol. Check your mailbox within the next few days.
  7. Let the games begin, 6x list number
  8. Sorry, so Roosevelt might hire part timers later or they stopped with it because of the turnover?
  9. He told me only full time, guess they don't need part timers.
  10. Is ROIC still hiring part time drivers? I just got my CDL and was interested in applying for the experience.
  11. Were you on the BQE today operating a O7 NG southbound? Saw a training bus with a group of students.
  12. With list 3600 being extended till 12/19/2019 we probably will hear something a bit before then, I'd say around early to mid December we should get our official results.
  13. Young's probably going to write a whole paragraph about what number they probably going to get to, referencing past exams, throwing some basic equations, etc.. My best guess is around the 5xxx range is what they'll get up to if they don't extend it.
  14. The civil database where all lists are published. Young posted a link somewhere in this thread.
  15. The list has been extended till 12/19, which means more people should be getting the chance at this tittle off of 3600.

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